Toda la información sobre nuestras fórmulas, los últimos productos y mucho más

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Toda la información sobre nuestras fórmulas, los últimos productos y mucho más

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Facial care


Smooth and uniform skin, anti-imperfections

Blemish-free skin with MartiDerm. Regenerate and moisturise your skin, achieve an even skin tone and nourish and stimulate cell renewal with specially designed products. Alfa-Peeling Ampoules regenerate and moisturise the skin with multiple effects: encouraging cell renewal, moisturising, firming and preventing the signs of aging, while unifying skin tone.

REG 8 Regenerating Cream corrects wrinkles and blemishes with its main active ingredients, glycolic acid and collagen, which repair and moisturise the skin. The result is a smoother, brighter, revitalised face. REG 15 Cream contains highly moisturising and nourishing ingredients, with a regenerating effect that stimulates cell renewal, moisturises the epidermis and increases density.

Acniover Active Cremigel improves oily skin, blemished skin, acne-prone skin and skin with mild to moderate acne. Use daily, morning and night. Moisturises with a non-greasy sensation, refining pores and controlling sebum. The result is matte, clean, soft skin.

Smooth, even skin tone and no imperfections | Control the imperfections

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