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You can’t imagine how good your skin can look with Pro-reg 8 and Pro-reg 15

Just a few weeks ago we told you about the amazing benefits and properties of two of our anti-ageing cream products: Pro-Reg 8 and Pro-Reg 15.

Today we are going to reveal how you can make the most of the benefits of these powerful peelings. Thanks to the renewing effects of the specific formula, we can achieve more intense treatments that yield even better results.

We will recommend how to use our products according to your specific needs:



If you want to eliminate spots and blemishes while also minimising enlarged pores, use Pro-Reg 8 or Pro-Reg 15 every night on your previously cleansed skin.

Remember, the only difference between the two creams is the concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) included in the formula. Therefore, if you require a more intense treatment or you have already used a similar product with these characteristics in the past, you can directly begin treatment with Pro-Reg 15.

If not, we will begin with Pro-Reg 8 and, when you complete the treatment, we can assess whether to continue or advance to the next concentration.

What’s more, after applying Pro-Reg 8 or 15, we can apply a proteoglycan ampoule, a moisturising serum or a specific cream.

This treatment can be applied regularly, particularly during the autumn/winter season when the effects of the sun are reduced (which ensures reduced sun exposure). Treatment can be drawn out until spring. Beyond this point, and once the warmer months set it, we can keep up treatment with products from the Platinum Range, such as Night Renew Serum or Night Renew-30 ampoules.

What’s the most important thing? As with all things... consistency. Only regular, daily and systematic use of these types of products will help us achieve the desired effects. Just a quick reminder: sunscreen, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR, is also essential.



At MartiDerm, we have developed Pigment Zero, our depigmenting range. Our night cream reduces dark spots, evens skin tone and prevents the formation of new dark spots. If you are looking for a more intense rejuvenating cream, select Pro-Reg 8 or 15 and combine it with other products from the line.

We must use sunscreen in order to prevent dark spots: DSP-Cream SPF 50+. We can apply it directly to the skin or after a proteoglycan ampoule, as its antioxidant effect, thanks to pure Vitamin C, will also boost the reduction and prevention of dark spots.

If you are interested in learning more about our depigmenting treatments, check out our blog, where you can find information about this and other interesting topics.



Did you know that when we apply products that boost skin renewal, we are also reducing the depth of wrinkles and achieving a firming effect?

The use of products with AHA helps eliminate layers of the horny, or outermost layer of the skin, meaning we are effectively reducing the grooves of our deepest wrinkles and eliminating the shallowest wrinkles.

If we also apply redensifying products in the morning, such as our GF Vital-Age Cream (normal/combination or dry skin), we can achieve visible results in just a few weeks.

What’s more, this renewing effect generated by the AHAs in Pro-Reg 8 and Pro-Reg 15 is also responsible for pro-collagen action.

This is caused by the stimulation generated by our own skin when we encourage the shedding of the outermost layers of our skin. A chain reaction begins at this moment that generates new cells. This simple process is responsible for stimulating and creating new collagen fibres.

Though it’s hard to believe it, we can enhance this effect even more by applying a serum following the absorption of the Pro-Reg 8 or 15. We offer two options within our anti-ageing product line.

  • Proteum Serum, from our Black Diamond range, activates a DNA repair effect and is a precursor to new collagen and elastin fibres, thanks to the action of our patented proteoglycan Proteum 89+.
  • Krono Age Serum, from our Platinum range, which helps maintain the structure and definition of our facial contour, while also providing intense moisturisation thanks to the hyaluronic acid.

Learn to make the most of your day-to-day, your beauty and, of course, MartiDerm.

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