16-11-2020 | Dermatologist

New (AND IMPROVED) Skin Complex Advanced.

If there’s one thing we know at MartiDerm it is that we don't want to be just another dermocosmetics company. We’re not about fighting off time, we're for defending Smart Aging products: we want you to feel comfortable in your skin, whatever your age. This is our challenge. And the new Skin Complex Advanced is further proof of what we have achieved.

New Skin Complex Advanced, from our Black Diamond line, has improved its formula and become one of our key ampoules in restoring skin vitality.

Dermatologically tested


Who is it created for?

For dry/mature skin suffering the inevitable loss of firmness and moisturise due to the passage of time, in addition to sagging and expression lines.


How has the formula changed?

Two key active ingredients converge in the new formula: Proteum 89+ and Vitamin Complex. The synergistic effect between them helps restore and maintain nourished, hydrated, bright and young-looking skin.

Proteum 89+ is a next-generation proteoglycan exclusive to MartiDerm: it moisturises and gives structure to the skin.

The main novelty lies in the components of the vitamin complex. In addition to vitamin B5, vitamin C-Tech, vitamin E and vitamin F, the new complex includes liposomal vitamin A (enhanced rejuvenating effect due to its enhanced capacity for penetrating the deepest layers of the skin) and vitamin D-Like (repairs, revitalises and helps strengthen the skin barrier).


Why you should use this ampoule

- Because it is the most comprehensive formula to treat chronoaging.

- Because it is the exact vitamin dose that mature, dry and/or lacklustre skin needs.

- Because it restores the skin, giving it a nourished and glowing appearance.

- Because its texture is also smooth and quickly absorbed.

And because study results confirm it:

96%*  Recovery of collagen, 41%** Reduction in wrinkles, 16%** Firmer skin, 83%*** Report more revitalised skin

Skin Complex Advanced. High technology applied to the skin and your best partner to enjoy the passage of time every day. Pure Smart Aging philosophy.

*Ex vivo preclinical study in aged skin model, result compared to untreated aged skin. Zurko Bioresearch

**In vivo clinical study on 30 women aged 51 to 64 with normal/dry skin. Measured with Primos/Cutometer® MPA580 after 28 days of use. PhD Trials

***Use test under dermatological control on 30 women aged 51 to 64 with normal/dry skin. Subjective evaluation after 28 days of use. PhD Trials

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