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This Christmas, treat yourself to MartiDerm

Christmas is coming - the snow, the lights, the gifts, the get-togethers... but also the excesses, the traffic jams, the know-it-all in-laws and... the presents you’ll exchange.

That’s why we propose you get yourself something that you will truly love and won't want to swap!

Two beautiful toiletry bags featuring a complete treatment with our famous proteoglycan ampoules.


Original Bag

This bag contains our Proteos Hydra Plus SP ampoules: a complete two-month treatment with our classic ampoules with sunscreen, perfect for dry and normal/combination skin.

So easy to use and so appealing: we recommend half an ampoule a day, in the morning before your regular cream. A foolproof way to skin that is soft, firm and bright.

Also included is our travel-sized Micellar Solution 3 in 1 face and eye makeup remover. You’ll see for yourself how well it cleans and luxuriate in the velvety moisturising afterfeel.

Finally, two mini-sized urban serums: Urban Force Serum – On Top and Urban Restore Serum. Discover and benefit from two of our star treatments. Urban Force Serum - On Top protects your skin from pollution and the damage caused by invisible blue light throughout the day. Urban Restore Serum repairs and detoxes your skin at night.


Platinum Bag

Our high-end Platinum Bag contains the renowned proteoglycan ampoule Photo Age.

With 15% pure Vitamin C, it not only moisturises and tones the skin thanks to the proteoglycans, its powerful antioxidants and anti free-radical compound make it ideal for treating photoaged skin and counteracting the effects of oxidative stress.

It can be applied morning and/or night, using half an ampoule a day on the face, neck and neckline before your regular cream.

Plus, together with the ampoules, you’ll find Expression Gel, our dedicated wrinkle and expression line treatment. Use it on the eye and lip contour areas, the creases between the brows and the forehead to help correct and prevent wrinkles and expression lines.

And as a finishing touch, two mini-sized creams from our Platinum range, GF Vital-Age Cream as a day cream for dry and very dry skin and GF Vital-Age Night Cream as a night cream for all skin types. Two of our redensifying, moisturising and repairing treatments.

We know you’ll love both the Original Bag and Platinum Bag and that if you give them to someone special, they’ll love them too. You’ll always get it right with MartiDerm!

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