07-06-2019 | Dermatologist

Zero emissions at the Cervelló plant

May saw MartiDerm complete the sustainability of its new facility.

The first phase involved adapting the new plant in 2017, providing it with aerothermal and geothermal systems and installing solar panels on the roof. We were already using 50% renewable energy in this first phase. Also of note is the fact that automation is used throughout the facility for energy savings.

The journey has been completed by swapping the power consumed for renewable sources, making 100% of our energy output fully renewable. We have delivered on our goal of zero emissions at the plant and reduced our carbon footprint by 60%. In fact, we are now down to a scope-1 carbon footprint because of the vehicle fleet.

MartiDerm is proud to announce this progress in sustainability. And it is a good time to do so, coming almost exactly on 5 June, World Environment Day.

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