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Wave goodbye to acne

In summer, between sunbathing and dips in the sea, acne-prone skin often improves significantly. But if you're one of those people who get a sudden outbreak when autumn arrives, MartiDerm has a solution you will like.

ACNIOVER is a range dedicated especially to oily, acne-prone skin. The treatment involves two simple steps.  First up, Acniover Purifying Gel deep-cleanses without irritating even the youngest and/or most sensitive skin. The composition purifies the skin without irritating or drying it out thanks to ingredients like:

  • Prebiotics: can restore the skin microflora that effectively attacks acne-causing bacteria.
  • Green tea: acts on blackheads and pimples, drying them out so they disappear much sooner.

The alcohol-free composition makes it suitable for sensitive skin and helps prevent skin from drying out, preventing any subsequent knock-on effect.

For use day and night. Apply to damp skin, massage in and rinse with water. You’ll love the refreshing scent. Secondly, there's Acniover Active Cremigel. This is a cream with a gel-like texture that is very simple and pleasant to apply. It absorbs immediately and has a lightweight finish. It not only encourages a sebum-regulating action but acts effectively on problem acne.

The principal ingredients act on the root of the problem without drying the skin out or causing unwanted side effects. Acniover Active Cremigel contains microencapsulated salicylic acid which penetrates much more effectively than its free form and encourages the sebum-regulating action in a much more intense fashion.

It also contains vitamin B3 to help repair the damage and blemishes caused by pimples. Vitamin B3 is suitable for sensitive young and adult skin prone to irritation or which does not tolerate more aggressive blemish-correction ingredients such as glycolic acid. And finally, marine bioactives which help restore the skin barrier. They don't just encourage the skin's natural moisturisation but also have a mattifying effect to correct shine.

Recommended for use day and night after cleansing with Acniover Purifying Gel. Its visible effects and high tolerance make it a winning choice to wave goodbye to acne. Recommended for use after 10-12 years of age. Want to give it a try?

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