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Be Optima!

Have you heard about the concept of Smart Aging?

For some time now, here at MartiDerm we’ve been working to educate our customers that just taking care of our skin isn’t enough to have a healthy, well-cared for complexion. Our physical appearance directly depends upon our mental ‘complexion’ as well. Caring for and taking care of ourselves in the broadest sense. That’s Smart Aging. A lifestyle in which we take care of ourselves from the inside out, in addition to caring for our skin. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Well we’ve got good news: the Smart Aging attitude is a revolution that is here to stay.

Since what we do best at MartiDerm is innovate and put the most revolutionary skin care products within your reach, we’re bringing you a new cosmetic product that will be a true turning-point.

Introducing our ninth proteoglycans ampoule: Epigence Optima SPF 50+.

The new ampoule is a part of our Black Diamond premium range. Its Hi-Tech, next-generation ingredients impart and provide your skin with all the power of epigenetics.

By using this new ampoule, your skin is sure to receive all the benefits of intense and deep moisturisation. And, of course, you will obtain “optimal” protection, thus reducing and preventing the signs of skin aging.

But, how is it different and revolutionary?

Epigence Optima SPF 50+ is made up of:

  • PROTEUM 89+

Our unique and exclusive proteoglycan molecule, patented by MartiDerm. Its penetration capacity can reach the deepest layers of the skin, achieving a more powerful procollagen and moisturising effect. In addition, among other benefits, it functions as a biological sunscreen.

  • EPIGENCE 145

Increases the skin’s resilience to oxidative stress. Stimulates skin renewal and delays the signs of aging. In our in vivo studies, we’ve been able to prove that it achieves a rejuvenating effect and reduction of skin roughness by up to 41%.


A protective shield that goes far beyond sun protection. Contains SPF 50+ sunscreen for UV radiation. What’s more, we’ve added encapsulated Pro-Retinol for increased protection against infrared radiation.


Cacao extract to fight off damage from HEV radiation, also known as Blue Light, which is emitted by the screens of electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers and TVs.

Glycogen, which protects cellular structures against Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as that emitted by Wi-Fi waves or Bluetooth.


With all these benefits, who could ever resist trying it?

If you’re still unsure, let us tell you how it offers super fast absorption and doesn’t leave your skin with a thick, heavy sensation. Its delicate, pleasant scent makes it even more irresistible. Upon application, the comfortable, smooth feeling will make your skin feel like velvet.

WAIT, ONE LAST NEW FEATURE: unlike our other proteoglycans and vitamin C ampoules, the new Epigence Optima SPF 50+ ampoule isn’t applied at the start of your regular cosmetics routine, but at the end. This simple change makes it compatible with use of our other ampoules as well as cream or serum treatments.

As always, we recommend applying ½ an ampoule to the face, neck, and neckline in the morning. Apply the other half of the ampoule the following morning.

Want to give your skin something that no else can offer it? Want to be the best possible version of yourself? Do you love your skin and want to give it the very best? Practice #SmartAging... #beoptima

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