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Epigence 145 Cream + Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream + Proteum Serum = A winning formula

Just a few days ago we presented two of the latest releases from our Black Diamond range: Epigence 145 Cream and Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream.

What’s the big breakthrough with them? They both treat your skin from the inside. How? With innovative technology and a revolutionary science: epigenetics.

Epigenetics has the capacity to repair our cell DNA and also prevent damage caused by external factors like contamination/pollution, stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep and smoking, which damage and speed up cellular senescence, causing accelerated ageing.

It acts from the surface, penetrating inside the cells with the aid of an extraordinary active ingredient, Drone X50. This not only helps the epigence 145 molecule to penetrate the target cell but also effectively stimulates collagen and elastin fibre production. Together with Hyaluronic Gold, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it has a pro-collagen action and promotes the formation of endogenous hyaluronic acid to give a much more intense moisturising effect.

The difference between Epigence 145 Cream and the night version Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream is that the former plays an antioxidant role while the night cream soothes and is anti-inflammatory, important for cell repair.

But... why do Epigence 145 and Proteum Serum from the Black Diamond range go together so well?

They can both repair damage at the DNA level, but Proteum Serum does so thanks to a hexapeptide tasked with reinforcing the cell barrier to minimise damage caused inside it and not produce accelerated cell ageing.

In any case, both treatments share our exclusive Proteum 89+ molecule as a common active ingredient. Our third-generation proteoglycan.

This proteoglycan marks a turning point in cosmetics for its power to penetrate, made possible by its ‘measurements’ - it has a vastly smaller molecular size than any other proteoglycan. This not only ensures a moisturising effect at the deepest layers, the toning and pro-collagen action also stimulates and guarantees firm, supple skin.

Both products contain 5% of our 89+ proteoglycan for intensive firming and moisturising.

Our Proteum 89+ molecule also acts uniquely as a bio sunscreen, preventing damage and repairing the harmful effects of UV radiation.

How can we combine them?

We can apply Proteum Serum morning and night before Epigence 145. Both products are easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types.

Start using our extraordinary formula and solve one of skin’s great mysteries: the passage of time.

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