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EPIGENCE OPTIMA SPF 50+, the ampoule that will change your skin for ever

At MartiDerm, we’ve just launched Epigence Optima SPF 50+. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Epigence Optima SPF 50+ is the ampoule that synthesises all the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years. We added the most cutting-edge technology to all that expertise. The result is none other: Epigence Optima SPF 50+ is the ampoule that will change your skin for ever.

What is the secret? It has all the power of epigenetics.

The world is evolving at an astonishing pace. Our customers are evolving with it, requesting products from us that can keep up with their needs and expectations.

We never stop researching at the R&D department so we can continue creating new treatments that provide your skin with what it really needs in this age of technological innovation and advancements.

That’s why our new star in the world of treatment ampoules combines the efficacy of our exclusive proteoglycan, our already famous Proteum 89+, which is capable of penetrating the innermost layers of the skin and stimulating the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibres. And the proven efficacy of the Epigen 145 molecule, the only molecule that manages to treat damage caused by external factors such as pollution, sun exposure, oxidative stress, and bad habits.

Having reached this point we could easily have closed up shop. We already had an extraordinary product. But we wanted to take things even further.

Looking back in time, the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation to the skin, and its extent, were previously little known topics. Today, we are aware of and understand the need to protect our skin from the sun.

But history repeats itself. Today, lots of people aren’t aware of the damage that new technologies can cause. The use and abuse of mobile devices, such as tablets and computers at ever younger ages, not to mention the hours spent in front of the TV, are also starting to leave their mark on our skin.

That’s why at MartiDerm, we decided to take things one step further. So you can prepare, protect, and repair the damage caused by what we now know of as Visible Light (HEV), or what we casually call Blue Light. And so you can defend yourself from the damage caused by Infrared and Electromagnetic waves, such as those emitted by Bluetooth and Wi-fi. Or, from what we know as ElectroSmog. This new term refers to an electromagnetic cloud that surrounds us whenever we turn on the television, connect to the Internet, or talk on the phone.

The protective shield that will defend us from the damage caused by all these types of radiation is called Spectrum Complex. This wide spectrum protection is made up of:

  • SPF 50+ for ultraviolet radiation: UVA – UVB
  • Encapsulated pro-retinol: protection against Infrared radiation
  • Cacao extract: protection against Blue Light (HEV)
  • Glycogen: protection against EMR (Bluetooth and Wi-fi waves)

But how do you apply all this technology to the skin? It’s simple

All you have to do is apply half an ampoule of Epigence Optima SPF 50+ as the last step in your daily facial treatment.

Its quick absorption and pleasant scent will make it your perfect partner every morning. You can combine it with any MartiDerm ampoule with proteoglycans and vitamin C, or with any serum or cream treatment, as long as you apply this new ampoule at the very end of the process.

The ingredients are formulated to ensure quick and efficient penetration. The Spectrum Complex has been designed to act on the skin’s surface as an ideal protective shield.

Believe us: you won't find a better #SmartAging partner anywhere else.

#BeOptima, my friend.

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