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Forehead wrinkles? Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines

It’s a simple question: do you want to reduce wrinkles and expression lines on your forehead? The answer’s even easier: Yes!

Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines is a revolutionary treatment based on the principle of iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis is a non-invasive technique consisting of applying a microcurrent to a localised zone (patch) for two main purposes:

  • Improves skin permeability
  • Allows quicker and more intensive penetration of active ingredients

Thanks to this system, we get an immediate and lasting result, with moisturisation at two levels:

  • On the surface
  • In-depth: the active ingredients penetrate the epidermis

The gel used on the patch contains an ionised and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to get the desired effect.

That’s why Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines patches fill in and reduce even the deepest wrinkles.

So quick and easy to use. After cleansing and drying skin, apply to the patch the ionised gel that comes in the pack and place the patch on the area to treat, using the adhesive part.

The patch is activated the moment it is applied. After 20 minutes, remove the patch and the remaining gel. Using the patch causes no discomfort and is suitable for all skin types. The patches are also compatible with any cosmetic treatment you may want to apply later.

To start with, we recommend using it twice a week for best results. We then suggest you use it around every three weeks as a maintenance treatment.

MartiDerm has built up experience in these kinds of treatments. We are also successful. In addition to Ionto-Filler Forehead Lines, our Black Diamond range features: Ionto-Filler Lip Contour and Ionto-Lift Eye Contour. To treat wrinkles and expression lines in the lip and eye areas.

Want to look radiant this New Year’s Eve? See in 2019 and wave farewell to forehead wrinkles.

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