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A trip to the tropics? Here are your “essentials”

At last! The time has come get a change of scenery, to leave the exhausting hum-drum behind, pack your case, escape to a destination where you can disconnect and enjoy the summer. And if you’re lucky and are going to the tropics... do you know which are the essential items in your toilet bag?

Firstly, we must not forget daily care: cleansing, eye contour, moisturiser, sunscreen, etc. But, what else do we need?

In MartiDerm we want to help you with all the answers. Among our essentials, we highlight:

LegVass transepidermal patches

We have long plane journey. So, we'll need these patches to improve heavy legs and venous return, with immediate action and an 8-hour effect.

Calamine Plus

Use for insect bites, irritation, contact dermatitis and sunburn. Calamine Plus soothes, calms and repairs burns caused by friction and excess sweat. It can be used in children and also to treat acne breakouts.

Micellar solution 75 ml

The micellar solution 75 ml travel format makes it easy to take our cleansing ritual anywhere. You can use it to keep your skin clean, fresh and moisturised anywhere, both day and night. Even though they are days for relaxing and getting away, don’t forget that we have to look after our skin every day. Its composition of Edelweiss extract and prebiotics will make your skin even more moisturised than with another micellar water, and you’ll get a skin that is more resistant to all daily external damage.


This is MartiDerm’s express beauty kit. With this ritual you can have a perfect skin on any occasion.

Our Ritual&Go contains:

  • Mini size face scrub: for a deep cleanse and to remove dead cells.
  • Mini size HidroMask: it is our green clay mask. It is applied to clean and dry skin. Before the mask you can apply half an ampoule of proteoglycans to provide greater moisturising and firmness. Our HidroMask is a mask that achieves, after exfoliation, deeper cleansing. It is moisturising and improves elasticity and repair of the skin. After 15-20 minutes it is removed with warm water.
  • Photo Age Ampoule: our proteoglycans ampoule from the Platinum family provides the skin with moisturising and firmness automatically, as well as intense luminosity thanks to its 15% of vitamin C. Given its texture, it is ideal for all skin types ranging from dry and very dry to oily.
  • Flash effect ampoule: if you apply it after the proteoglycans ampoule you will get a perfect skin ready for make-up. Its reflective particles will achieve a “Photoshop” effect making your skin look much firmer and more radiant. In addition, your make-up will remain intact for much longer, getting a “fresh-face” effect for hours.





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