03-05-2018 | Dermatologist | Bodycare

Discover the new-format Transdermal Patches by LegVass

Do your legs ache when you've been standing up for hours? Or when you travel?

The LegVass range from MartiDerm, created to improve circulation and venous return, improves not only circulatory problems at the facial level such as rosacea and couperose but also targets heavy legs. Our LegVass transdermal patches are convenient and easy to use. Lasting eight hours, they are the most intensive localised treatment from among the different products in the range. Apply the patches to clean, dry skin at the height of the hip or buttock for an almost instant effect. They are very useful for relieving the feeling of heavy legs after a long day at work when many hours are spent standing or sitting. They can also be used as a preventive treatment when you know you are going to be spending a long time in the same position. Their composition is rich in plant active ingredients that act as venotonic and vasoprotective agents, including Ruscus aculeatus, Vitis vinifera, Aesculus hippocastanum and Vaccinium myrtillus, which improve peripheral circulation and lymph flow. They also contain Mentha piperita for an immediate refreshing effect. Use of the patches not only improves heaviness and fluid retention but acts as an adjunctive therapy to eliminate cellulitis and prevent sagging. Now that the good weather is here, temperatures are rising and we are starting to enjoy holidays and short breaks, try the new 3-patch travel format! A simple and convenient way to carry them in your bag or hand luggage for any occasion. Are you ready to improve your circulation?

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