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Say goodbye to sweat issues with Driosec

Summer’s coming, and so is the sun. Now’s the time for prevention and for preparing your skin for the summer, but today we’re going to speak about another common summertime problem: excessive sweating. But you can still check out our latest post if you want to learn about how to prepare your skin for the summer.

With the arrival of the summer weather we will also begin to suffer with the sweltering heat, with sweat patches on our clothes and even body odour caused by increased perspiration from our skin.

Sweating is a natural regulation mechanism by which the body responds to high temperatures. But if sweat becomes a problem, even a chronic one that significantly affects us, we can incorporate certain products into our daily hygiene regime that will help us to control excessive sweating and body odour.

Excessive sweating, or hyperhydrosis, can occur all over the body or in localised areas, especially the palms of the hands, the feet, the underarms or the face. If you’re interested in the subject, we dedicated a whole post to the syndrome.

The Driosec line

To treat excessive sweating, especially with summer on its way, we have a line of products at MartiDerm that is specifically designed to solve this kind of issues: the Driosec range.

This is a line of hyperhydrosis treatment products, suitable for any body aged 10–12 and up, which MartiDerm has just reformulated for greater effectiveness and better results. The range includes the following products: Driosec Roll-on for armpits and groin, Driosec Gel for hands and feet, and Drisec Wipes for any area of the body, including the face.

Composition designed for double action

These products’ composition makes the line a safe, effective treatment not only against issues with excessive sweating, but also against body odour, due to their antiperspirant and deodorant double action:

  • Aluminium and zirconium salts: this combination regulates and reduces excessive sweatingwithout blocking the follicles, avoiding issues with irritation or folliculitis.
  • Encapsulated salicylic acid: assists in reducing excessive sweating and has a powerful antibacterial effect that eliminates body odour. This is fundamental in the hormonal changes that occur from 10–12 years of age, when the issue of sweat is more about odour than quantity.
  • Matricaria chamomilla: provides a calming, anti-inflammatory effect that prevents irritation and promotes tolerance in sensitive skin. It reduces erythema and has anti-irritant properties.
  • Alpha bisabolol: present only in the wipes. Boosts the calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

The composition of the Driosec range gives it a series of advantages against other products on the market. First of all, its effect is apparent from the first application and does not cause irritation, discomfort or itching. Secondly, it can be used from the age of 10–12, and finally, it has no rebound effect.

We recommend using the product once a day, preferably at night and on clean skin, for 15 consecutive days. The area treated should be washed in the morning. In the case of the underarms, we can apply our usual deodorant.

After the first 15 days, we recommend using the products for maintenance, depending on your personal needs. Of the three products in the Driosec line, the wipes DO NOT contain alcohol. This means they can be used on the face, should there be a sweat issue in that area.

Want any advice on preventing sweat issues?

If you’re interested to learn how to include wipes occasionally before applying make-up, don’t stop visiting our blog. We regularly upload new posts and tips. Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about this issue and others. Have a nice day!

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