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Troublesome sweating? We put ourselves in your skin.

At MartiDerm, we know the discomfort caused by excessive sweating. It can stop you from enjoying yourself, acting naturally and even doing something on the spur of the moment. It can stop you from being you.

Aware of the problem and inspired by our Smart Aging philosophy of personal empowerment and being your best you, we have created a line aimed exclusively at hyperhydrosis: DRIOSEC.

Why? So you can choose the option that works best for you. The complete range comprises 5 products. and can be used from as young as 10-12 years of age.


In addition to controlling and reducing excessive sweating, Driosec Intensive Roll-On eliminates poor body odour. For best results, use every day for two weeks. After then you can use it every other day as needed.

Apply nightly to clean skin. Doesn’t sting or irritate.

In the mornings we recommend washing the area and applying our Driosec Dermoprotect Roll-On daily use deodorant.


Our natural deodorant made from alum stone. Contains Kaolin, with an absorbent and moisture drying power that encourages the control of sweat and humidity throughout the day. The microbial complex also controls and prevents poor body odour.

Can be used as a daytime supplement to Driosec Intensive Roll-On or as your only deodorant for day and night.

And if you want to treat mild or moderate sweating of hands and feet you can use Driosec Antiperspirant Powder.


Suitable for direct application to skin on the hands and feet and inside footwear. Kaolin enables the antiperspirant powder to absorb and dry excess humidity. The antiperspirant and antibacterial components can also reduce sweat and poor body odour in the areas to treat. Use when needed. Recommended for athletes.

However, the best product for more serious sweat problems in the treated area is Driosec Gel.


Suitable for all skin types, Driosec Gel powers more intensive control of excessive sweating of hands, feet and even groin.

Easy to use: apply to clean skin at night and wash the area the next morning. We recommend applying the gel every day for two weeks and then using as needed.


Suitable for sensitive skin. Can be used on any part of the body, including the face. Composition helps control sweat and odour without irritating.

As you can see, you have 5 new partners against excessive sweating. Find the Driosec that’s right for you and take more control your life!

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