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10 Rules for Perfect Skin

For a while now your skin has been looking dull, has been suffering from flare-ups (pimples, redness) and even your eye area is looking the worse for wear with more expression lines. Something’s wrong and you don't know what. It’s time to learn these 10 rules for perfect skin:

  1. Remove makeup and clean your skin every morning and night. A basic tip and one you can do with a micellar solution. It only takes a minute and you skin will be forever grateful.
  2. Tone your skin with cold water. This simple step vitalises your skin, closes pores and improves moisture levels. Hot water, by contrast, makes your skin secrete more oil and look rougher.
  3. Be gentle when you dry your face. Pat it dry with a soft towel or your skin will feel under assault and secrete more sebum, possibly causing flare-ups.
  4. Purify and oxygenate: depending on your skin type, give yourself a face peel once or twice a week and apply a moisturising mask for dry/dehydrated skin or a purifying mask for combination/oily skin.
  5. Make yourself a smoothie or vegetable juice: they're quick and easy to throw together and your body will benefit from the large number of nutrients and antioxidants essential for perfect skin. One anti-aging option could be a blend of carrot, apple, fresh ginger and lemon tea.
  6. Exercise: Get your body moving! A workout will remove toxins, oxygenate your cells and give you much cleaner, more glowing skin. Go for a walk or run; cycle to work or sign up to dance classes. There are so many options; it’s just a matter of getting started!
  7. Drink in moderation: a glass of red wine a day can be beneficial to the heart and improve skin health because it has a good many antioxidants, but partaking too much, particularly of distilled liquors like gin, rum, tequila, vodka or whiskey, reduces the levels of oxygen in the blood and negatively impacts collagen production. Your skin will be less bright, elastic and firm.
  8. Protect yourself from the sun: limit exposure to the sun and get used to wearing high-factor sunscreen year-round. It will protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays responsible for
  9. Moisturisation and treatment. It's very important that you moisturise and treat your skin every day to protect it from free radicals and cell aging. Your dynamic duo will be serum, a product with a lighter texture and higher concentration of active ingredients that will partner up perfectly with your regular daily cream to reinforce the treatment.

*Don't forget dedicated eye products because the skin around the eye contour is much finer, poor in sebaceous glands and has less collagen, meaning it will be the first part of your face to show signs of aging.

  1. Get seven to eight hours sleep a night. Adults need an average of seven to eight hours of quality sleep to get sick less, fight stress and excess weight and activate cell regeneration mechanisms, so adopt a series of bedtime habits including going to bed at the same time every night.

Follow these 10 rules for skin that glows with health and beauty.

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