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4 Steps to have a perfect skin at Christmas

Christmas is here and we all want to look stunning for the festivities. However, our make-up and look will not look as good if our skin is not perfect. In MartiDerm, we give you 4 essential keys for a perfect skin. 

Step 1: Cleansing: 

Your best weapon for a perfect skin is keeping to a daily skin cleaning ritual. When we choose the product, we must take our skin type into account (normal, dry, mixed, greasy and/or sensitive). Every night, whether we have make-up on or not, we have to cleanse our face to remove the remains of any cosmetics and pollution that remain after a busy day. Every morning too, to remove grease from the skin, as it is secreted more at night. It is important to stress that without a perfectly clean skin, any treatment we want to apply afterwards would be in vain. 

*Always use a tonic or micellar water to restore the pH as water, although it makes us feel clean, changes and dries our skin, above all if it is hot. 

Step 2: Moisturise:

Moisturising cream gives us a healthy look. Cream should be applied with the skin slightly wet so that it is absorbed better and to prevent emollients from being deposited on the surface without retaining the moisture. 


Attention: The skin around the eyes is more delicate and where the first signs of tiredness will appear. Therefore, use a specific product for this area and sleep at least eight hours to avoid under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Trick: apply something slightly cold in this area to notice an immediate improvement. 

Step 3:

Face scrub and mask: Once a week, free your skin of dead cells with an exfoliating product; this will give it a breath of fresh air. With the right mask, you will give it a vitamin, anti-aging and super-moisturising and/or sebum-regulating fix. 

Step 4: 

Flash effect ampoules: They are essential at Christmas as we have a lot of events where we want to look great. Get your beauty back in one easy step and prepare your skin for the perfect make-up. These will be our allies and our great beauty secret. 

By following these 4 simple steps, you will look perfect this Christmas. 

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