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5 tips to change your skin in 2018

The end of the year is almost here and you must have started to write your wish list for next year. One of your wishes does not need to be for your skin to recover some of its brightness or to reduce the effect of aging, because we are going to help you achieve this with a series of very easy and practical routines.  

As you know, the skin requires some care to be able to renew itself adequately and that requires some of your time and dedication. To help you at this time of year of wishes, we propose 5 routines to help your skin recover its vitality and look healthy. 

1.Daily facial cleansing 

It is essential to use oils or gels that clean the skin of your face a couple of times a day. A good way to keep your skin clean is to cleanse in the morning and before going to bed.  

Use micellar water that cleans and removes the remains of impurities and make-up keeping your skin healthy. The micelles trap the dirt and sebum deposited on the skin's surface without drying it. They are molecules that as well as cleaning your skin provide freshness and keep the skin moisturised.  

Don't forget your body skin. We recommend using soaps that do not contain a greasy base and that are suitable for your skin type.  

2. Exfoliate the skin once a week 

Exfoliation is a process to help you deep cleanse your skin removing dead cells to get a cleaner, brighter skin.  

To achieve this, exfoliants must penetrate and remove the entire outer horny and superficial layer of the skin containing non-functioning cells. That is why there are different levels of penetration of facial exfoliants or peelings. You can do the ones we recommend at home and they are not too aggressive. Use creams that contain salicylic acid or elements like aluminium or silicon. These components will clean with a gentle abrasion of the skin that will actively and deeply cleanse your skin. Remember to adequately moisturise your skin after exfoliating.  

3.Apply a face mask once every 2-3 days 

Face masks are treatments that require a slower penetration because they are highly nutritious. What is intended is a very deep moisturising of the skin. They use creams that contain structural elements of the skin like collagen and proteoglycans. These elements will help to recover the skin's firmness and elasticity.  

4.Use moisturising night cream 

The skin has to be deeply moisturised. Unlike masks, moisturising night creams are intended to enhance skin regeneration.  

 Glycolic acid (AHA), collagen or tocopherol (vitamin E) are elements that focus on intensive anti-aging treatment. It is important for the emollient to be applied after a correct facial cleansing on dry skin. These elements help to reduce the tone of spots, wrinkles and skin imperfections.  

5. Flash care before make-up  

After correct cleansing, it is essential to use a product that recovers your skin quickly and effectively. Proteoglycans or vitamin C obtain an intensive moisturising effect which makes your skin activate and brighten equally. These elements give the skin the capacity to absorb more water and not lose it in harsh weather conditions (UV rays and temperature differences).  

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