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Acniover: the final goodbye to acne

Youth is one of the most desired stages in life. Everybody wants to stay young, look young and feel young. Even though, it is a stage of changes which are reflected in the skin. One of the most frequent changes which are visible in the skin of young people is the appearance of acne.

 Acne is the most feared transformation that can occur during the adolescent stage. Nowadays youth and adult acne have stopped causing a headache as they can be combated with topical treatments which are 100% effective.

A year ago, MartiDerm launched the perfect team for cases of mild acne, shiny skin, blackheads and spots, plus a perfect accompaniment for moderate or severe acne: ACNIOVER.



The first step to follow to remove acne is to clean the face using a purifying gel and therefore remove the oil which may be on your skin.

The Acniover Purifying Gel, with its high concentration of active ingredients, pleasant odour and soapy texture, makes facial cleansing an unmissable step.

What are the main characteristics of this gel?

It contains Witch Hazel extract, a calming antibacterial and mild astringent agent, suitable for all types of oily skin which could be sensitive or irritable.

It also contains Green Tea extract, known in Chinese culture as a "blackhead absorber”, generating a protective action and stimulating the cutaneous metabolism.

Lastly, Lacitol and Xylitol can improve and strengthen our cutaneous microflora and help to reduce the bacterial activity which causes acne.

The most remarkable thing about the Acniover Purifying Gel is the absence of alcohol, providing a sensation of comfort without drying or altering sensitive skin.

How to use: morning and night for a complete clean.



After cleaning with the Acniover Purifying Gel, the second stage to achieve an acne-free complexion is to apply a cream. The Acniover Active Creamigel is characterized by its texture, absence of perfume and rapid absorption.

The difference between this and other creams lies in a series of special characteristics which make it unique.

First of all, we will highlight its mattifying effects and quickly visible results.

Among its components, the Salicylic Acid at its highest concentration has a better effect than usual thanks to its microencapsulated form having a greater absorption, making it faster and more efficient. The salicylic acid acts as a synergy together with the Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, working as: anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and seboregulator.

Lastly, the Vegetal Bioactives of marine origin provide a mattifying effect, helping to maintain the external level of hydration for a greater sensation of comfort thanks for the restoration of the lipid barrier and actively collaborates the seborregulating and the anti-inflammatory action.

The absence of alcohol is perfect for sensitive skins.

How to use: morning and night alter cleansing with Acniover Purifying Gel.


Other MartiDerm products recommended for oily skin with a tendency to develop acne: Pure Deep Cleansing Mask.

How to use: once or twice a week for 20-30 minutes.

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