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Beauty Ritual for New Mums

From the moment you become a mother, your life will be connected to that special little person who will fill you with happiness and endless love, but will also give you sleepless nights and days of breastfeeding. It's when you have a baby that you realise time is precious. Remember how long you used to spend fussing over your appearance in the mirror, when now you don't get more than five minutes to yourself? Well don't worry! We have the following tips to ensure you can keep up with your beauty routine and daily care. You just have to tweak it a little to save time.

  1. Your tribe: your network of friends and family are your tribe. Say yes to all the help that they want and can give you. At first, you’ll be on call for your baby 24 hours a day and you have to give her all the love and time in the world, but a few short breaks each day is necessary so that you can switch off and have some time alone.
  2. Take baby out for a walk: the energy from the sun and the fresh air will do you both good. Walks in the open air calm and relax baby and also strengthen his immune system, encouraging growth because the sun (not direct sunlight) helps synthesise vitamin D, responsible for establishing calcium in the bones.

*In winter it’s best to walk in the middle of the day, while in summer the early morning or evening is better when the sun isn't as hot and the air is cooler.

  1. Exercise: look for activities you can share with your baby, like yoga, swimming, walking, dancing, running or cycling (with a specially adapted stroller or bike). This will help remove toxins and tone muscles.
  2. Discover 2-in-1 products: You don't have all the time to spend on yourself that you did before so choose products that cover more than one function, like, for example, micellar 3 in 1 solution which cleanses, removes impurities, refreshes and moisturises the skin and doesn't have to be rinsed off. Another alternative is to treat your skin while you sleep, with Night Renew ampoules for a cell renewal, firming and restructuring effect which won't take up time.
  3. Apply a face mask for in-depth cleansing and moisturisation while you run a bath for your baby. Remove the mask when you’re ready to put baby in the water.
  4. Wear your hair up in a pretty ponytail so you don't have to give it any more thought for a few days. Or try on-trend braids. If you don't know how to braid your hair yourself, you can always pop into your favourite stylist's.
  5. Make time for yourself: A bit of time out to spend on yourself is needed to relax and have a break from the world. Pop out for a walk, go shopping, get together with your girlfriends for a coffee. The point is to reconnect with yourself.

It’s great being a mum, but you mustn’t forget about yourself. Enjoy some valuable ‘you’ time.

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