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Do you want to correct your face’s imperfections?

As we previewed for you in the article about our Alfa-Peeling ampoules, today we present more tricks and keys to make the most of this great night treatment.

These ampoules can eliminate dead cells and they help us correct the imperfections on our face gently and effectively if we apply them regularly. However, if we wish to use them in a more specific manner, we can combine them with our clay masks.

Note! We are telling you everything you need to know, according to your skin type and its characteristics.


For a deep clean and the correction of imperfections in oily skin…

Always with clean and dry skin, we can apply ½ an Alfa-Peeling ampoule to the face and neck and, then, spread a generous layer of our clay mask with sebum-regulating action for oily and acne-prone skins, Pure Mask.

We recommend putting the mask on your face for 20 minutes. After this time, clear the skin with lukewarm water, dry it and apply the treatment you normally use. Don’t forget to repeat this treatment once a week. You will see the change that your skin experiences.

The combination of both treatments will allow them to mutually reinforce each other, as well as achieving a better penetration of the assets of the mask and a more concentrated renewing action. Remember that you must always carry out this ritual at night time.


For a deep clean and greater hydration in normal to dry skin…

We carry out the same step again: at night we apply ½ an Alfa-Peeling ampoule and, once absorbed, we spread a layer of the Hidro Mask cleaning mask in this case special for dry or normal skin.

How should you do it? Spread a uniform layer over the clean skin and leave it to dry for 20 minutes approximately. Afterwards, clear it with a lot of lukewarm water. We advise you to carry out this step once a week.

With it you will achieve a deep clean, plus a very powerful hydrating and reaffirming action, which will leave your skin smooth, soft and glowing.


To eliminate blemishes and homogenise the skin tone…

In this case, after applying ½ an Alfa-Peeling ampoule in your night ritual, use our DSP MASK from the depigmentation line.

Its clay base will also help you to give the skin a deep clean, but its specific composition to control hyperpigmentation will also help you to treat blemishes and the skin tone. The combination of both products works together and obtains magnificent results.

This intensive treatment can also be recommended as a treatment in generalised blemishes, for whoever needs to apply the mask all over the face regularly, or in the case of people who only need to carry out maintenance, after an intensive treatment with our range.

We advise you to apply the DSP-Mask on hyperpigmented areas and let it act for a minimum of 30 minutes. Watch the application time increase according to your needs, until you can maintain it throughout the whole night if necessary. Then remove it with a lot of water.

In summer we can carry out this treatment once every 15 days, without ever forgetting to use an adequate sun filter during the day.

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