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Do you want to have an amazing skin? Do you want it now? 1, 2, 3... Flash!

Have you got a special event and you need a flawless skin? Discover our Ritual&Go. An exclusive but simple 3-step ritual to get the skin you desire.


Aim: deep cleansing and firming action

Products: monodose exfoliating face scrub and Hidro Mask clay mask mini size

Moisten your skin and apply the exfoliating face scrub gently massaging it in. This will help to remove traces of stubborn dirt and eliminate dead cells. Rinse with plenty of water and dry your skin with a towel not rubbing, but just patting it gently.

After drying, apply a generous layer of the Hidro Mask mask that, thanks to its composition and kaolin base, will dry allowing the active ingredients to penetrate more intensely, achieving a deeper cleansing in the stubbornest pores of the skin. Remove the mask with water after 15 minutes. The result will be a cleaner, fresher, softer and brighter skin.

TIP! After removing the exfoliating face scrub and before applying the mask apply half a Photo Age ampoule so that during the 15 minutes it is left on you get an even stronger effect. 


Aim: intensive hydration, light and firmness

Product: Photo Age ampoule

Apply half an ampoule of Photo Age to the face, neck and neckline. Our exclusive proteoglycan ampoule will provide your skin with hydration and firmness. In addition, its high percentage of Vitamin C will make your skin glow and spectacularly radiant.


Aim: flexibility and rested skin effect

Product: Flash ampoule

After the absorption of the Photo Age ampoule, we will apply the Flash ampoule. This ampoule will make the skin more flexible and moisturised, and make-up will last much longer. Even if you don’t put make up on, the effect will be a beautiful, flawless, radiant and rested skin.

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