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Face cleansing: the first step to healthy skin!

The first step to healthy skin is clean skin. In addition to pollutants, dust and make-up, the skin itself produces sweat and fats that can make it dirty. Impurities and dead cells slowly build up and block pores, the skin loses its glow and firmness, and blemishes, expression lines and even wrinkles can appear. That's why facial hygiene is essential for healthy skin.

When and how to cleanse your skin

Micellar products are the most suitable for daily hygiene because they remove the impurities that have built up on your skin over the day. They are soap-free to respect the lipid layer of the skin, keep it moist and cleanse in-depth, leaving skin prepped for a dedicated skincare treatment. If you need a faster cleansing action that doesn’t require rinsing off, you can choose Micelar Cleansing Solution 3-in-1, which is also perfect for travel. But if you prefer to end your daily hygiene with the feeling of water on your face, choose between the oil and the gel. The oil is an alternative to traditional cleansers because of its cleansing milk texture, while the gel is applied to the face when wet. Whatever your skin type there’s a cleanser that’s right for you! And you can complete your daily hygiene with the weekly hygiene involving a scrub and mask. The scrub deep-cleanses, removes dead cells and prevents the accumulation of impurities for a renewing and glowing effect. Combine it with the mask that best matches your skin type: for dry-normal skin, use Hidro Mask, with a natural moisturising factor (NMF) and macadamia oil. For oily or acne-prone skin, your best option is Pure Mask, with a rosemary sebum-regulating action and salicylic acid. In any case, your skin will feel deep-cleansed, moisturised and firm. The daily and weekly hygiene is the first step towards healthy skin. Just choose your combination, depending on your daily preferences, and apply it!

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