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MartiDerm Christmas gift sets, a present for your skin

The best holidays are getting closer, Christmas is here! The businesses have their lights up, the decorations are in the streets and people are starting to notice the Christmas carols and polvorón. And you? Are you doing anything special to appear radiant during this holiday?

For another year MartiDerm will look better than ever and be pampered as always. With the arrival of these special dates, we always find the perfect opportunity to give a unique moment, but how? With our new Christmas gift sets, filled with MartiDerm products, which are ideal for daily use and help us to have a healthier skin.


You can find:

  • Photo-Age 30 ampoules
  • Expression eye and lip contour
  • Micellar Solution 75ml

Photo-Age ampoules…

The Platinum line ampoules are an excellent treatment with hydrating, firming, antioxidant and healing actions. They contain our famous Proteoglycans, with a great hydrating and firming ability which makes them the perfect ingredient to maintain a firm, elastic and luscious skin. The Photo-Age ampoules contain 15% Pure Vitamin C. Their antioxidant action is fundamental to prevent cellular aging. It is also essential for anti-brown spot treatments, making your skin glow and evening the skin tone.

The complex repair and anti-radical action prevents and treats the damage caused by solar radiation. This is a problem that affects us all. Daily, the face is exposed to aggressive external elements and it is inevitable that damage is accumulated. The Photo-Age ampoules help us to correct this damage and prevent photoaging, acting as a contributor in depigmentation treatments.


This eye and lip contouring is the only one with 3 active capacities to produce a light botox effect, reducing and preventing wrinkles and expression lines.

Additionally, with two types of Hyaluronic acid, it achieves a filling action at the dreaded crows feet in the eye contours, lip contours and their famous vertical lip lines, as well as labial furrow, forehead and frown lifting.

Micellar Solution…

Foolproof product for cleaning and effectively removing make-up from the face and eyes, without irritating or drying the skin thanks to the micelles. It improves the skin’s hydration and has an antioxidant and calming action, because of the presence of Edelweiss Flower extracts.

It respects the pH of the skin and improves its condition because of the prebiotics that strengthen the microflora. The Micellar Solution in the Essentials range does not need to be rinsed off.

The 75ml size is ideal for taking anywhere: getaways, journeys, gym...


You can find:

  • Alfa-Peeling 10 ampoules
  • Proteum Serum

Alfa-Peeling ampoules…

This is the star product of night treatments. The Soft-Peeling action is excellent for anti-aging.

It contains 10% Alpha-hydroxy acids, which is tolerable but very effective making it ideal for skin with a high sensitivity to Glycolic Acid, but that needs to minimise and fix imperfections With a continued use, we can reduce enlarged pores, wrinkles, spots or imperfections of any nature. Additionally, our ampoules for overnight use hydrate and firm the skin with the low molecular weight of the Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen.

Proteum Serum…

The serum belongs to the Black Diamond line. A global anti-aging serum that charms every skin that tries it.

With 5% Proteum 89+ and lastest generation 3.0 proteogylcans, it achieves a hydrating, firming and cellular protecting action, able to act as a biological solar filter. It contains vitamins for an antioxidant action and DNA repair, repairing and rejuvenating the cells after one month of treatment.

The Proteum Serum is ideal for all skin-types. Dry or mixed as well as oily. It is even suitable for sensitive skin.

Its rapid absorption is perfect as a step before your regular day or night treatment. You can apply it after the use of the Alfa-Peeling ampoules as a daily routine.

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