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Our cleansing, much more than cleansing.

We have suggested making your cleansing ritual even better this autumn. How? By creating two products that will provide your skin with a cleansing that is more comforting than ever. And which, believe us, you won't want to do without.

The toner

Better said, 2 toners: Balancing Toner (for combination and oily skin) and Blooming Toner (for normal and dry skin). Both from our Essentials line, the must-have range for healthy skin.

Much more than a toner

Our new toners enhance and prepare the skin to absorb the cosmetic treatment to be applied later.  But they do much more: they improve the state of the skin in line with each need, rebalancing pH, toning and restoring its vitality.

Boasting a unique composition

-Our two toners are the only ones on the market with Proteoglycans. This means they can moisturise the skin and make it firm.

-They also include vitamin C for an antioxidant and radiant effect.

- Prebiotics, a classic ingredient of our Essentials range, enhance and strengthen the skin microbiota.

-And the calendula and bamboo extract moisturise, soothe and soften even the most sensitive skin.


Specific for combination/oily skin, includes salicylic acid and willow bark extract in its formulation to soften, purify and regulate sebum.


Ideal for normal/dry skin. The specific ingredients are allantoin and lily extract to soften, regenerate and moisturise, plus an antioxidant effect to brighten even the driest skin.

How to apply them?

After your regular cleansing, gently apply the toner with a cotton pad to the face, neck and neckline. No need to rinse off.

And remember, there is a routine for each skin type. Choose your toner and discover the Essential step for your beauty ritual. You have MartiDerm's word!

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