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Perfect products for Christmas getaways

Now that Christmas is approaching, you are most probably going to be able to have a few days of rest with friends or relatives to enjoy your free time. We know that the suitcase is full of warm clothes, so you won’t have much extra space. Nevertheless, we would love you to save a space to take what is essential on your short trips at this time of year. 

Before deciding what to take, remember that the winter adversely affects your skin. Care during these months is a big challenge given that low temperatures and weather conditions can affect moisturising, which is key for your skin. 

What products are necessary? 

We recommend that before packing your suitcase you check that you have the essential products to be able to take care of your skin. These products are undoubtedly going to help you clean your skin correctly (micellar water), deeply moisturise it (day and night moisturiser) and they are going to protect it (hands and lips) from the inclement weather. 

  • Hygiene: You obviously need a gentle product that removes the remains of make-up and particles that stick to the skin. Use a micellar water, because it does not leave a residue or further dry out the skin. At this time of year, it is not very advisable to carry out very aggressive exfoliating treatments regularly. We therefore recommend that if you think that you need deeper cleansing because you think your skin is oily, you cleanse it more thoroughly with soap that is right for your skin type.
    • However, you can associate products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids., because they exercise a gentle peeling effect that will favour renewal of the most outer and superficial layers of the skin. It will also help to eliminate small flaws on the skin that will have appeared from exposure to the sun during the summer. 
  • Moisturising: It is essential to apply products that nourish the skin and provide brightness at this time of the year. To combat the dryness caused by the cold and dry atmospheres from central heating, we recommend basing your daily care on moisturising. Try to pack products containing proteoglycans, given their great moisturising and firming capacity. They must also contain vitamin C due to its anti-spot repairing and antioxidant effect.  
    • Use at least one product at night, after washing, for its positive effect on the skin to last during the hours of sleep. For this, use emollients whose essential effect is to prevent wrinkles or anti-aging, such as those rich in retinol. This element produces a gentle peeling effect, and is capable of reaching the deepest layers where it acts favouring regeneration of collagen.
    • Also for moisturising, we can pack products with hyaluronic acid and concentrated collagen in individual ampoules. They can be used for instant moisturising in special situations when your skin is more dehydrated or dry.  
    • Use eye and lip contour consistently, because these are the areas of your face that are most likely to become dehydrated at this time of year. 
    • Don't forget to pack a hand cream, that moisturises at the same time as regenerating the outer layers of the skin. 


  • Protecting the skin from the sun. During winter, our getaways often end on some frozen peak to enjoy the snow. It is very important to keep the skin protected to prevent the damage the sun can cause it. Snowflakes directly reflect UV light which, given the altitude, can have a harmful effect to your skin. Don't forget to pack a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen to adequately protect your skin.  

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