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Set up a home spa

The summer holidays haven't ended yet, so why not take this chance to set aside time to care for your skin? Before the holidays draw to a close and you have to start in on your exhausting work days, what better idea than to take some time out for yourself and your skin. Just plan a day to enjoy, relax and dedicate a special while to your skin.

Today we propose a routine to turn your home into a complete spa. It's time to look after yourself and follow our recommendations to maintain and recover the brightness lost during the week.

  1. Relax
    • One of the fundamental requirements for this routine is to create an environment conducive to your skin feeling the benefits of peace and relaxation.
    • Music and aromatherapy are important to creating this atmosphere of relaxation that will facilitate the positive effect of the following treatments.
    • Use music that can barely be heard but which is enough to help let your mind wander. You can boost the atmosphere by using aromas like lavender and citrus fruit.
    • Adjust the temperature to make the room warm. We recommend to keep the temperature no lower than 25-26ºC.
    • Create a warm vibe with the soft light of perfumed candles.
    • In this case, increase room humidity by putting out containers of hot and steaming water to facilitate skin detoxification.
  2. Exfoliation
    • To prep your skin for the routine, we suggest a deep exfoliation of body and face.
    • Begin your in-depth skin hygiene routine with your face, using a mild face peel. Then move onto your body, using a loofah glove to better exfoliate the skin.
    • After achieving a skin free of impurities, we recommend you take a hot bath (35-37ºC). Use an oatmeal liquid soap pump to enjoy the pleasant sensation of its foam and begin to gently moisturise your skin.
    • The skin will be clean, the pores will be open and the subcutaneous tissue will experience a vasodilation fundamental to subsequent nourishment.
  3. Detoxifying diet
    • Drink plenty of cool water throughout the treatment.
    • You can also drink dietary products such as warm or slightly cool green tea.
    • You can prepare a detox shake containing vitamins A, C and E, together with beta-carotenes to boost the beneficial effect of exposure to the sun during this time of the year.
  1. Moisturising
    • After the bath and deep body cleansing, it’s time to moisturise and nourish the skin.
    • Apply products with a high concentration of vitamins. They should be mild emollients that recover the lipid portion of the skin and make it fresh and bright.
  2. Draining massage
    • End the treatment after moisturising and nourishing the skin with a draining massage.
    • The heat has produced a natural detoxification that has been boosted by face and body cleansing products.
    • Apply a suitable product to your legs, tummy and arms, gently rubbing in concentric circles to massage it in. Press more in the centre and reduce the pressure as you work your way out from the middle. This will improve skin vascularisation and the absorption of nutrients.

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