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The ESSENTIALS Line: the Micellar Solution is born

We have often heard lovers of MartiDerm's Proteoglycan Ampoules ask us for a cleansing product made under our name. We have finally made your wishes come true, and not only with just one product, but with three: Micellar Solution, Micellar Gel and Micellar Oil.

MartiDerm's new line of cleansing products is called ESSENTIALS, and not only is it attractive but it is also different. Here we find out about its principal secrets. But first we should remember that cleansing is the first step towards a healthy skin, essential, before starting any anti-aging facial treatment or routine moisturisation.

Have you heard talk of the marvellous Micellar waters?

I'm sure you have. Today we introduce to the Essentials Micellar Solution by MartiDerm.

Micellar water itself is a transparent product, that's why it's called water, but small particles are added to the water which cleanse and trap all the dirt, and any traces of make-up left on the skin. These particles have made a name for themselves: they are the micelles. Micelles are molecules made up of one part oil and one part aqueous solution. This means they trap dirt and oil, without harming or drying out the skin and while maintaining the skin's hydrolipidic film and pH.

With a huge variety of Micellar Waters available in the market, at MartiDerm we have placed ourselves at the fore of dermo-pharmaceutical innovation and technology to create the new cleansing line, ESSENTIALS.

Why does the ESSENTIALS line stand out from among all the Micellar Waters in the market?

Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, which transform the already significant advantages of micellar water into an unbeatable product.

Active ingredients in the ESSENTIALS Micellar Solution:

- Edelweiss Extract: an alpine flower whose extract helps to protect skin thanks to the high concentrations of Leontopodium Alpino (antioxidant) and minerals that it provides. It helps to achieve a comfortable fresh sensation, which even the driest skins appreciate as that stretched feeling left after using other cleansers is absent.

- Prebiotics: these help to improve your natural barrier, stimulating the growth and activity of microorganisms which are beneficial to skin flora. They strengthen your skin's defence mechanisms, helping to regenerate it and restore its equilibrium.

The ESSENTIALS Micellar Solution is very easy to use. Just follow these practical tips:

  • Soak some cotton wool in Micellar Solution and gently apply to the face. You don't need to wet the skin before or rinse it off afterwards.
  • You can use it on your face and around your eyes, with or without make-up.
  • Repeat this step as often as necessary.
  • 3-in-1: make-up remover, cleanser and toner.
  • Suitable for all skin types and non-irritating.


The ESSENTIALS Micellar Solution can be your only cleansing product, or you can use it as a complement to another cleansing product, such as a gel or oil (the other products in the ESSENTIALS range).

It comes in a useful practical 300 ml container, so you can measure out the application. There is also a second 75 ml format, perfect for travelling or taking to the gym.

Discover the unbeatable sensation of the ESSENTIALS Micellar Solution… and coming soon, the other members of this family!
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