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Are you worried about hair loss?

There are many signs which show that autumn has inevitably arrived. Hair loss is one of them. But is it possible to avoid this hair loss?

There are many factors which cause hair loss in addition to the seasonal change. Capillary regeneration is the principal reason alongside genetic history, hormonal disorders, a bad diet, bad hair habits or being ill.

Paying attention to looking after your hair is fundamental, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the protection which it provides to your scalp.

In MartiDerm we are aware of the importance of hair health, we have developed an innovative product which prevents hair loss and the greying of the hair: MartiDerm Hair System 3GF.

MartiDerm Hair System 3GF

This new product line from MartiDerm offers products to promote care which prevent hair thinning and loss as well as improving its appearance.

How is Hair System 3GF unique?

The key to HGFx3® is an exclusive molecule obtained through biotechnology, which makes the MartiDerm Hair range the most revolutionary on the market.

Combining three growth promoters:


  • Increases the survival of the hair
  • Improves the capillary regeneration 


  • Increases vascularisation
  • Improves the hair nutrition


  • Delays hair loss
  • Balances and maintains the hair root

The Hair System 3GF products


For a more intense treatment, the new anti-hair loss ampoules have a higher concentration of HGFx3® growth promoters.

  • Stimulates the growth of new hair
  • Increases hair density
  • Improves the root strength

Our lotion, with the best base for forming and incorporating active synergists, is perfect to combat the different types of hair loss.

  • HGFx3® molecule
  • Seborregulating action
  • Protect the scalp
  • Low alcohol content
  2 ADJUNCT TREATMENT For the cleaning of the scalp we have two shampoos, perfect for frequent use: Anti-aging, anti-hair loss shampoo with hyaluronic acid and HGFx3®
  • Fuller hair, with more volume and vigour
  • Postpones aging
  • Bright, soft and hydrated hair
  • Improves the hair root strength and prevents hair loss

Anti-hair loss and antiseborrhoeic shampoo with HGFx3®

  • Eliminates excess oil
  • Loose and clean hair without drying
  • Strengthen the hair fibres
  • Improves the hair root strength and prevents hair loss


Oral capsules contain a higher concentration of active ingredients to stimulate the hair. Nutricosmetics are a great aid to improve from the inside.

  • Prevent and stop hair loss
  • Protect, revitalise and hydrate the hair
  • Strengthen and increase the thickness of the hair structure

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