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Back to school with Hair System

It's back to the routine and the changes that happen at the start of autumn. Your hair can reflect the cumulative damage of summer excesses

Worried about losing your hair?

Take steps before it happens! Start repairing damage and prevent hair loss. Laboratorio MartiDerm provides you with a comprehensive home-hair treatment based on the medical therapies used in clinics. Never heard of it?

MartiDerm Hair System

 A comprehensive range comprising:

Intensive Treatment Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules

Instructions for use: Apply an ampoule a day to dry hair and massage scalp until product is absorbed. Repeat for 28 days.

For proper maintenance, continue using 3 ampoules a week for 3 months. With its high concentration of growth factors, you’ll see your hair regenerate and grow stronger and fuller.

Anti Hair-Loss Lotion

Our anti hair-loss lotion is rich in growth factors and helps control excess oil. It can be the perfect complement to ampoules or the ideal solution for oily scalps.

Instructions for use: Use once a day for 28 days, applying to dry roots and massaging scalp until product is absorbed. For maintenance, repeat 3 times a week.

Anti Hair-Loss Capsules

It’s just as important to treat hair loss and boost growth from the outside as from the inside. That's why our anti hair-loss capsules are the best choice to nourish and strengthen hair from inside. The high concentration in essential nutrients and compounds make them the most effective capsules on the market.

Instructions for use: take one capsule a day with your main meal. Follow the treatment for three months.

Free of iron, lactose, sugar and gluten, the capsules are suitable for people who are sensitive to iron, are lactose-intolerant, diabetic or who have coeliac disease.

Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo

And for proper hygiene, remember to supplement your treatment with our Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo. There are two versions: Anti-aging Shampoo and Anti Sebum Shampoo. They both contain growth factors to keep on stimulating follicle regeneration. For dry, sensitive or dehydrated hair, your best option is the Anti-aging Shampoo.

The hyaluronic acid it contains will make hair strong and full and help restructure the hair fibre. But if you have oily hair, choose the Anti Sebum Shampoo.

In addition to the growth factors it contains, it has Salicylic Acid to eliminate excess sebum which can block or asphyxiate the follicle. Both are suitable for frequent use. Ready to boast strong, healthy hair?

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