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Get your hair looking great again after summer

Your hair and you will have enjoyed the sun, the sea, the outdoors and swimming pools over summer. But now that the season is drawing to an end you’ve probably noticed that your hair has become weaker, dryer or even in many cases damaged.

What’s happened to my hair?

Hair partially acts as a physical barrier against exposure to the sun. It receives solar rays directly and salt and chlorine are deposited in it. Factors such as humidity and wind also contribute to drying it out.

Loss of hair humidity damages your hair, mainly in the middle and distal third. It makes hair more fragile and dull, can lead to hair loss and makes it frizz more easily.

How to revive your hair after summer

What your hair basically needs to withstand harsh summer environments is for you to rehydrate and nourish it again.

Over summer your hair has had to defend itself against environmental factors like the sun by using the nutrients it absorbed through the skin that supports it.

Your hair and skin have lost part of their hydration because of the oxidative action of the sun's rays. Your skin is drier, meaning that your hair has lost moisture as well.

1. Hydrate your hair anew

Use masks and conditioners every day for a few weeks to recompose hair structure and elasticity.

Trace elements that encourage natural hair repair and nutrition can be found in coconut and olive oil and shea butter. Other products such as jojoba oil and avocado also help make hair softer.

The products should be left in for 5 to 15 minutes to act on the hair follicle and then rinsed off.

Your hair will recover part of its structure, moisture and softness and be less frizzy.

2. Caring for your hair

Try not to use a hair dryer or straightener for a few weeks. They don't usually have negative effects if used in moderation on well-nourished hair. But after summer your hair is much more sensitive to temperature and more prone to breakage and fragmentation.

We therefore recommend you let your hair dry naturally to restore softness and shine.

3. Get rid of split ends

Split ends are distal hair fragments that have almost entirely lost their structure and block the nearby portions from their natural deployment.

The best thing is to chop a few centimetres off the ends to let the rest grow and develop without problems.

If cutting your hair is not an option, we advise you use high-protein serums to partially recover the distal zone of your hair.

4. Restoring colour to your hair

Your hair colour may have changed shade or lightened over summer. We recommend giving it a repair treatment before dyeing it or you could do more harm than good.

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