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Stimulate hair regrowth every day

There are times of the year when we lose a great deal of hair and this is when we stop to think about it and ask ourselves if we are really looking after our hair properly.

We know that for every 100 hairs we have, we shed around 12-15 % is and it can take around four years to fully renew all our hair.

So... if I keep losing hair, does it mean I have alopecia?

The answer generally is no. Most cases of severe alopecia do not cause hair to fall out suddenly. Around 8 out of 10 people do not have any pathological substrate. It is just that hair regrowth occurs randomly and not immediately. Therefore, the concept is based more on hair follicle renewal rather than hair loss. And this process called telogen effluvium, very often occurs in specific seasons and depends on numerous factors (environmental or nutritional conditions).

However, we should point out that there are genetic factors that can cause this hair renewal process to occur at a different speed to the natural hair loss process that affects us all.

What factors affect hair loss?

  • Climate: if we use high temperatures when washing our hair on a daily basis, it is important to know that this causes local damage that could be avoided. In addition, certain environmental factors (humidity, heat, cold) also affect the hair growth and renewal process.
  • Quality of life: hormonal peaks caused by stress may provoke local and generalised tissue alterations and alter the hair growth process or cause hair loss as a result of accelerating the process.
  • Diet: a diet poor in vitamins A, C and E, as well as essential amino acids, can restrict the telogen renewal process. 

But what about… Myths and truths about hair loss

  • Shampoo damages hair: it is very simple: we must match the correct products and haircare routine to our skin type. Not the other way round. However, certain products should be avoided, such as abrasive dyes.
  • Combing or washing hair: hair follicles are half a centimetre deep below the skin: therefore, hairs that fall out are in the regrowth phase.
  • Grey hairs: If I pull a grey hair out, will more come through? The truth is, the appearance of grey hairs is progressive, it’s as simple as that.
  • Time of the year: depending on the capillary process phase, we may notice that more hairs fall out during specific times of the year. Don’t be afraid; it is simply a physiological process that takes weeks or months to move on to the next phase.

Tips to stimulate hair growth

Lastly, here are a few tips that are mainly based on preventing hair loss.

  • Diet: this has to be rich in liquids and bio-elements, such as selenium or zinc, and those that favour the intake of multiple vitamins, such as biotin or cyanocobalamin.
  • Haircare: use anti-hair loss lotions that strengthen the hair follicle, since they adjust the oil substrate and stimulate hair growth.

If you still have any concerns, we suggest you visit a dermatologist to carry out a trichogram.

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