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Ampoules with pure vitamin C in summer?

Every year when summer arrives a lot of fans of our Proteoglycans with Vitamin C ampoules ask the same question: “Can I still use them in summer?”

The answer is an emphatic... Yes!

In fact, why would you stop using a cosmetic that moisturises, improves elasticity and firmness, provides luminosity as well as prevents and lightens skin spots?

Right! There is no reason to stop using them during the sunny months.

So, why do so many people think cosmetic products containing pure vitamin C perhaps shouldn't be used in the summer months?

There is major concern that vitamin C in its pure state might cause spots or worsen ant that you already have. But that is just a myth. The truth is, as an antioxidant, vitamin C protects your skin cells against solar radiation, eliminating free radicals and preventing hyperpigmentation.

Here is the explanation that, if not read carefully, might lead to the misconception: pure vitamin C, given its chemical characteristics, is highly unstable in the presence of oxygen and light (it is photosensitive). This means that, when exposed to light, it becomes unstable and less effective, and its benefits are reduced. However, the fact that vitamin C is photosensitive or can oxidise DOES NOT entail a risk for your skin, but rather affects the effectiveness of the vitamin C. That is why our ampoules are always made in topaz glass with an inert atmosphere, which ensures the preservation of the product's stability and efficiency. And, once the ampoule is open, we recommend applying it in the morning and/or at night, keeping it open a maximum of 24 hours to ensure its efficacy.

IN CONCLUSION After years of experience and after consulting numerous dermatologists, aesthetic physicians and pharmacists in our country, the conclusion is unanimous: Pure vitamin C IS AN INDISPENSABLE PART of our summer daily care routine.

But MartiDerm goes beyond that: aware that each skin type has different needs, we have developed a wide variety of ampoules for each skin type.

Apart from Proteoglycans with Vitamin C, this summer we have a new ampoule that has been part of our big family for some months: DSP-Bright ampoules.

This ampoule belongs to the Pigment Zero range, and it is about our ampoule for treating and preventing spots. It treats sun, age and hormone spots and prevents their appearance. And, of course, it is ideal for its use during the summer months.

The Proteoglycan ampoule, serum or cream is 100 % recommended for use before applying our daily moisturiser, and should be used in the morning and/or at night for all skin types.

If you would like more information don't miss our recently published post about our ampoules.

This summer take a chance and use them to rest, to pamper yourself and love yourself a little more. There is no better beauty treatment.

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