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DSP: The Winter Treatment

The end of summertime and start of autumn marks a period where we usually take better care of ourselves than the rest of the year.

Unless we have taken the right measures, excesses, especially of the sun, can result in skin that is dehydrated, dull, lifeless and with dark spots.

Skin with spots caused by the sun requires a dedicated treatment to improve and treat the aspect caused by an excess of melanin.

At MartiDerm we offer solutions to treat dark spots. But above all we insist on the importance of using the right products that can keep existing spots at bay (so they don’t darken further over summer) and prevent the appearance of new ones.

However, the most common situation is skin that already has hyperpigmentation or for a new spot to be discovered after summer. For them, we have an autumn and winter shock plan - the DSP complete treatment.



DSP-Serum Brightening and DSP-Bright ampoules

After cleansing we can apply our regular eye contour product for bags and dark circles or wrinkles and expression lines. And before moving on to our day moisturiser, we can choose between DSP-Serum Brightening or DSP-Bright ampoules.

Either product can be used year-round. In addition to acting as a preventive treatment, stopping new spots from forming, they also regulate melanin, reducing hyperpigmentation and evening the tone.

The difference between one product and the other lies in the presentation format and active ingredients:

  • DSP-Serum Brightening is vacuum-packed and has plant-based active ingredients. Suitable for all skin types and as a supplement for any product used as part of your normal routine, it can be applied to the face, neck, neckline or hands morning and night.
  • DSP-Bright ampoules also feature plant-based active ingredients just like DSP Serum Brightening, as well as 5% vitamin C and tranexamic acid. They act more specifically on spots of a hormonal nature. Apply ½ ampoule to the face, neck and neckline morning and/or night.

Both products can be used under your regular makeup.


DSP-Cream SPF 50+

Finally, as a last step after applying the moisturiser product, whether a serum, proteoglycan ampoule or cream, you can use our DSP-Cream SPF 50+ depigmenting cream. This will ensure a specific and complete treatment for reducing spots. It also boasts a 50+ sunscreen filter, the minimum protection we recommend at MartiDerm. Of course, we also suggest you use it in summer for getting around the city.



DSP-Renovation Cream

This is where we find products with a more specific use to apply on a regular basis during the autumn and winter months.

We have two products to choose from, depending on whether you need to treat generalised spots on the whole of the face or darker or localised ones.

In the first place we have our DSP-Renovation Cream. Continuous use will help achieve a soft peel effect for renewed skin with a better aspect and texture. Marks and blemishes, spots and fine lines will be reduced. It also performs a pro-collagen function.

The 100% plant-based depigmenting active ingredients regulate melanocyte function, evening skin tone and preventing the appearance of new spots.

The presence of alpha-hydroxy acids makes this cream ideal for applying under any regular treatment.

We recommend using on clean, dry skin after treating the eye contour area. Wait until it has absorbed and then apply your favourite overnight product.

Wash your face clean the next morning and follow your regular day routine.



Darker or localised spots respond to DSP Mask, our intensive treatment mask.

  • Generalised dark spots

This is a clay mask that can be applied to the whole of the face if you have generalised spots. We advise daily use. Apply the mask to clean, dry skin in the treatment area and leave on for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Localised dark spots

For more localised spots you can apply the mask to a specific area only and leave on overnight. This will ensure that it penetrates for longer, giving visible results much faster.

In this case you can apply the DSP-Renovation Cream and, when it has absorbed, use the DSP-Mask in the treatment area, leave to dry and keep on overnight. In the morning it is easily washed off with water.


If you use DSP-Mask on localised dark spots, you can complete the treatment in the morning with our DSP-Cover stick.

This is a sunscreen stick with factor 50+ protection. The colour is perfect for concealing dark spots and works at the depigmenting level.

It is a handy travel companion you can keep with you at all times and reapply every two hours to boost protection from the sun. It can be used with or without makeup. It ensures a much more intense and comprehensive treatment all day long.

No-one ever said it was going to be easy but we can win the battle against dark spots. But we have to do it together. Are you up for it? #YourSkinRemembers

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