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7 skincare tips for men

More and more men want to have healthy skin. If you're reading this post, you are most likely one of them. You may even already have a healthy skincare routine. Or you haven't got one yet but you're interested in learning about the basic notions of men's skincare. The truth is that very few men look after their skin.

A number of studies have shown that men's skin has some differences with respect to women's skin. In particular, Carla Nieto in her article “Cosmética masculina: más allá del afeitado”, concludes that although the appearance of the epidermis and the skin ageing process are similar in men and women, there are differences. The main difference is that men's skin is thicker, more dense and vulnerable with respect to women's skin.

If you are a man and you care about yourself, even if up till now the only thing you have ever put on your face is shaving cream, we offer you 7 practical tips:

  1. As with a woman's skincare regime, it all comes down to establishing routines. You will probably give less time to skincare, but you should choose a time (most likely when you shave) and try to be constant.
  1. You need more moisturisation. For one simple reason: as a man, your skin is oilier than that of a woman. According to Carla Nieto, another distinctive feature of men's skin is that it contains more collagen. Although the amounts of collagen start to decrease in both skins with age, a man's skin is 25% thicker. This is why wrinkles don't start to appear until around 45 or 50 years old, however at this age they do come suddenly and are more pronounced and deeper than the wrinkles in female skin.
  1. You too can use any moisturiser or anti-wrinkle cream used by women. All you need to do is check the skin type for which it is intended. You will probably need products for oily skins.
  1. Shaving every day can also be a great help. Shaving helps to remove dead cells (preventing the skin from appearing aged and dull). These cells also block the pores and lead to acne.
  1. The ideal shave should include the use of good products before, during and after the shave. As in any daily ritual, first prepare the area, then use a gel or foam suitable for your skin type and lastly apply an appropriate lotion, emulsion or gel.
  1. Find out about other skincare processes. Cleaning and facial exfoliation, nourishing treatments and eye contour products to prevent dark circles and bags can also work for you; they are not just for women!
  1. The sun can also be a threat. And it's not just dangerous in the summer. Your skin needs looking after all year round, because exposure to the sun leads to photoageing. In the build-up to summer use a lower factor, and then in the summer use a sun filter with SPF +30 or higher.

These seven tips will give you a good base for starting your daily men's skincare ritual. Just one thing… if you are tempted to “steal” any skincare products from your girlfriend, don't blame us afterwards!

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