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7 tips for men's skincare at this time of year

t's a fact that men are increasingly concerned with what they look like. The days of not bothering to spend time on their skin are over. Now men and women want to live healthier lives and feel better about themselves.

Men’s skin has its own peculiarities so although the cosmetics that women use act in the same way on them, lightweight textures adapt better to male skin because it tends to be oilier and denser. That makes men more prone to acne and flaccidity, but conversely they benefit from more elastic and collagen so wrinkles appear later.

In this post, we give you 10 tips for men's skincare.

  1. Washing your face morning and night is of utmost importance for healthy, glowing skin. Our skin builds up particles from the polluted environment during the day and has particular secretion mechanisms at night, which is why we wake up in the morning with shiny patches due to the toxins that have been removed.

That's why we have to wash our skin with a dedicated face gel. It’s important NOT to use hand or body soap on the face because it can destroy the skin’s natural layer of protection. The skin will defend itself by producing more sebum in an attempt to protect itself from the aggression, leading to the possibility of rashes, whiteheads and irritation. Tip: If you wash the gel off with cold water, you will close the pores and your skin will be smoother and softer.

  1. As winter draws in and skin suffers more stress due to the wind and the cold, it is necessary to fine-tune moisturisation to deal with low temperatures.

Use a face peel once or twice a week, then immediately follow up with a moisturising mask. This will give you an extra burst of moisture.

  1. As mentioned above, the cold weather is approaching, so we need to protect our face from external aggressions when we step out onto the street.

One indispensable product pairing will be: GF Vital Age Cream for normal/combination skin with an epidermal growth factor and UVA/UVB sunscreen.

Back it up with Krono-Age Serum to help combat the flaccidity to which men are prone and to define the face shape.

  1. Take care with the eye area. Remember, the area around your eyes needs special attention because the skin is finer and more prone to retaining liquid, making it the place where the first signs of tiredness and age appear (dark circles, under-eye puffiness and wrinkles). Apply products to the eye contour every day. 
  1. Continuing with eye care - trim your eyebrows! This is another thing that’s not just for the ladies. Many men are getting onboard with the idea of making the most of their eyes. Generally speaking, men’s eyebrows, as compared to women's, should be kept thick and straight. But wax or pluck the hair between your brows to avoid the dreaded monobrow. If you're unsure of how to go about it, visit a specialist beauty salon where they will study your brow shape and advise you on what’s best for you.
  2. If you've joined the beard trend, you now have a wealth of dedicated products to keep it soft and groomed, and you can visit a specialist barber once a month to keep your facial hair looking its best.
  3. If, on the other hand, you like the clean-shaven look, we suggest you shave after showering because the hot water will soften the hair and prep the skin, making shaving easier and less of an irritant.

Get into this beauty habit for clean, moisturised skin.

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