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GF Vital-Age Cream: pure vitality in your skin

If you still don't know it, we present the GF Vital-Age Cream line from our Platinum range. If you do know it, let us reveal a few details I’m sure will surprise you about this cosmetics line.

GF Vital-Age Cream has two versions for day and one for night. For day you can choose between a lightweight texture cream for normal/combination skin and a second, more enriched one, for dry/very dry skin. You’ll love the pleasant fragrance and texture in all 3 formula presentations.

GF VITAL-AGE CREAM Normal/combination skin

Its matte, fast-absorption effect makes it perfect for daily use on skin that needs an effective treatment but with a light feeling. Also ideal for men, it is a cream with a moisturising complex which nourishes and regenerates the skin in addition to moisturising it.

The cell protector regenerates the skin to boost a rejuvenation effect. And the epidermal growth factors help redensify the epidermis.

It is thanks to the work of the growth factors that we can improve the skin’s natural turgor, restore firmness and reduce the flaccidity caused by weight loss, high-intensity exercise or simply the passage of time.

GF VITAL-AGE CREAM Dry/Very dry skin

Same ingredients as the light version but with the added extra of Argan and Jojoba oil for a highly nourishing effect.

These oils provide the nourishment that dry skin needs, achieving a luminous result and a healthy, bright look.

The moisturising complex means we can also maintain and improve water levels for over 12 hours for an enhanced feeling of comfort.


Is there a cream suitable for all skin types? The answer is - Yes!

Its antioxidant action repairs damage caused throughout the day while you are resting. The presence of encapsulated retinol aids a pro-collagen action which not only tones but reduces wrinkles and prevents their appearance. It also works on blemishes and dark spots caused by sun exposure for smoother, brighter skin.

Boosts cell rejuvenation with Repair Complex®. Not to mention growth factors as a key component so we can continue to work on skin redensification and firmness to fight all the aspects that cause or accelerate sagging and loss of skin vitality.

Finally, the addition of Shea Butter and Jojoba and Macadamia oils provides the nourishment dry skin needs and has a sebum-regulating action on the sebaceous glands in combination skin.

Its rapid absorption and feeling of comfort will make it a must in your nightly skincare rituals. Try them, enjoy them and test their wonderful effect on your skin.

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