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Neck-Line Correct Serum.

The neck, neckline and facial contour are areas that concern us. Especially as time goes on. Yet they are areas we often forget to look after. From absent-mindedness, lack of habit, because we believe a face cream isn't suitable for the neck and neckline or think it's better not to use a body cream on the skin of the neck... for one reason or another, we don't take them into account.

So to take the guesswork out of how you can recover the delicate skin on your neck, neckline and facial contour, at MartiDerm we have once again revolutionised the dermocosmetics market with Neck-Line Correct Serum, a product which:

- Encourages prevention and care of the neck, neckline and facial contour

- Corrects and evens tone

- Softens wrinkles

- Firms and rejuvenates

“So what does this new and revolutionary product contain?” you may be wondering.

  • SHIITAKE-LIFT:  reduces wrinkles in this area by boosting type-1 collagen synthesis, contributing to its quality and improving its structure and organisation.
  • GENISTEIN: neutralises the free radicals generated by UV rays, preventing lipofuscin and melanin formation. Helps even skin tone.
  • GLAUCINE: stimulates lipolysis to prevent and reduce an unattractive double chin.
  • PROTEOGLYCANS: our faithful friends capture a large amount of water and are associated with endogenous proteoglycans, collagen and hyaluronic acid to maintain the skin structure. They are powerful moisturising and firming agents. 
  • TETRAPEPTIDES: their firming and tightening function reduces sagging and redefines facial contour.

In conclusion: don't let your skin become fragile or for skin ageing to affect your neck, neckline or facial contour - the road to recovery for this area starts now with Neck-Line Correct Serum.

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