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New Night Renew family

A few months back, we changed the look of our night ampoules known as Alfa-Peeling, together with other products in the Platinum Range. The name was also changed and the ampoules are now called Night Renew.

It’s only a change of image. The dedicated formula for renewing skin with a soft peel made 10% from natural AHAs, moisturising it with hyaluronic acid and firming it with collagen, remains the same.

The new feature that MartiDerm is presenting for fans of this product is the option of finding it in a serum format.

New Night Renew Serum.

You can find it in the Platinum product family and it not only maintains the formula of our ampoules but its lightweight texture and fast absorption makes it perfect for all skin types.

Instructions for use

It is used the same way as the ampoules. It can be used daily as a base treatment before any ampoule, serum or night cream.

The formula acts as a booster, enhancing the absorption and function of the product applied subsequently. And its safety and effect ensures it is suitable for everyone.

Continuous use will deliver smoother, brighter, blemish-free skin in addition to more elasticity and firmness and in-depth moisturising.

The new serum format is perfect for people who prefer a single product pack. Because it contains no vitamin C there is no risk of oxidation. Even still, the new Night Renew Serum comes in an airless format to prevent contamination and ensure you can use it down to the last drop.

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