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Our high-end Platinum Range

The Platinum Range contains an extensive variety of products to keep skin soft, firm and supple. Discover them!


This was the first contour product in our Platinum Range and is still a top seller. Corrects expression lines and wrinkles. Not just for the eye and lip contour, it works on areas such as the browline and forehead, too.

Its composition, with two different types of hyaluronic acid, plumps up and reduces wrinkles and expression lines from the deepest layers of the skin, while moisturising the upper layers.

It also contains a complex comprising 3 active ingredients for a muscle relaxant effect known as ‘Botox light’ that reduces and prevents local expression lines.



This was one of our instantly-popular 2018 launches. Novel formula and rapidly visible results. Uniquely pairs tranexamic acid with vitamin K to treat and improve dark circles. Also boasts draining and anti-inflammatory active ingredients to remove fluid and reduce the problems of under-eye puffiness.

Used in two steps.

  1. Day treatment: with vitamin E (antioxidant) and colour for a camouflage effect and to bring a touch of light to the under-eye area.
  2. Night treatment: the gel texture is easily absorbed for a more powerful moisturising effect. The extra dose of decongesting and anti-inflammatory active ingredients enhances draining, reducing under-eye puffiness during the hours you are at rest.


Who doesn't know our proteoglycan ampoules in the Platinum Range? With an extraordinary moisturising and firming effect thanks to the action of our next-generation proteoglycan Proteum 89+, capable of penetrating the deepest layers of the skin and acting as a precursor in new collagen and elastin fibre synthesis.

Also contains 15% pure vitamin C for a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effect which also positively impacts dark-spot prevention and evens skin tone.

But the most important aspect of this ampoule, which you won't find in any other product on the market, is its anti-free-radical complex.

What does that mean? That it combats all the free radicals which are produced and build up in our skin day after day due to factors like pollution, sun exposure, smoking and stress. It reduces the damage caused to the skin, improving its quality and appearance.



The turn of our soft peel effect. And you can choose from two textures: ampoule or serum. It’s the same formula in both cases.

An oil-free product suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The 10% alpha hydroxy acid composition renews while also reducing wrinkles, marks and blemishes. Evens skin tone, helping to eliminate hyperpigmented areas.

Softens and tones thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. In fact, it is an ideal treatment for regular use as a booster to enhance the effects of the cosmetics you apply afterwards.



Its powerful moisturising action, thanks to hyaluronic acid, plumps out wrinkles. Also contains a complex based on plant bioactives that improves the firmness and definition of the facial contour. This makes it particularly suitable for preventing and treating flabbiness and sagging.

The ingredients include stem cells and repairing active ingredients that sooth and improve even the most sensitive skin.


Now we come to our exclusive cream treatment for use during the day. This is a cream with a common composition but in two textures: GF Vital-Age Cream for normal/combination skin and GF Vital-Age Cream for dry/very dry skin.

They both feature a moisturising complex effective for up to 12 hours and a cell repair agent for rejuvenated skin. But the most important feature is the epidermal growth factor function that redensifies the skin and improves firmness.  This means GF Vital-Age Cream doesn't just act as a wrinkle cream but a firming treatment to combat flaccidity and sagging.



Our night cream is a powerful repairing complex suitable for all skin types. It contains retinol, with a renewing effect, to reduce and eliminate tough-to-treat wrinkles and blemishes.

The nourishing effect is multiplied thanks to macadamia oil and shea butter, and the rebalancing effect is boosted by jojoba oil.

Finally, to continue to fight and prevent signs of sagging and poor skin tone, we again included epidermal growth factors in the formula to keep on redensifying and improving the quality of the skin.

Ask your trusted chemist about combining our Platinum Range products. And take this chance to pick up a special gift: a bag with two products from the Platinum Range: Photo-Age Proteoglycans and Expression Gel, plus two samples of GF Vital-Age Cream and GF Vital-Age Night Cream.

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