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Proteum - Intensive repair serum

Since the start of spring we've been talking about the importance of repairing your skin on a daily basis. It's even more important if you've been exposed to intense damage such as sun exposure. Proteum Serum by MartiDerm is without doubt a perfect partner for the job.

Proteum Serum is part of our Black Diamond Range. Its formula is concentrated in exclusive active ingredients such as Proteum 89+, our next-generation proteoglycan, vitamins and cell-repair agents, making it a beauty elixir for your skin that everyone will notice.


5% Proteum 89+

  • Firmness and elasticity
  • Biological sunscreen: anti-wrinkle protection against the harmful effects of UV rays

1% Tocopheryl Retinoate (vitamins A and E) 

  • Synthesis of type I collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Free radical scavenger (reactive oxygen species)
  • DNA protection

Hexapeptide (DNA protector)

  • Natural DNA repair
  • Delays cellular senescence

Vitamin complex (vitamins C, B5 and B3)

  • Antioxidant effect, smooths and brightens


This powerful ultra-intensive anti-aging serum helps prevent and repair cutaneous and intrinsic photoaging. Its exclusive formula based on next-generation proteoglycans results in firm, elastic skin and has a notable anti-wrinkle effect.

It also acts as a biological sunscreen, helping to protect the skin and preventing the formation of free radicals. Perfect for applying in the morning before your daily sunscreen. Its high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, and E, important antioxidants, makes skin brighter and improves muscle tone. It boosts DNA repair mechanisms, thereby delaying the visible signs of aging. It is also perfect for night-time use.

Instructions for use

Suitable for all skin types from oily to dry and even the most sensitive and reactive skin. Can be used morning or night, depending on your personal needs and preferences.  In the morning, take advantage of the anti-aging and antioxidant effects of the proteoglycans and the protective effect of their role as a biological sun-filter. At night, the cell-repair effect will not only improve the appearance of the skin but continually aid its condition.

If you want to include it as part of your beauty routine together with our regular proteoglycan ampoules, apply it after the ampoules. In the case of dry or very dry skin, a suitable cream should be used as a final step.  Its light texture, fast absorption and silky feel makes it a hit with men and women alike.  One tip?  After an intense day in the sun, apply at night with your Photo-Age proteoglycan ampoule. You'll love it.

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