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Martiderm has been working as a formulator laboratory since 1952, but not only are we experts in proteoglycan ampoules and anti-ageing treatments, we are also specialists in repair treatments.

Therefore, today we present to you one of our best known dermatological formulas. A classic that Martiderm has wanted to reformulate in order to continue improving, innovating and maintaining our position as trail blazers in dermocosmetics: our Arnika Gel Cream spf 30

And what makes the new formula so special? It contains:

  • Hemomelan KX Complex:
    • Vitamin K Oxide 1%: Anti-Hematoma. It reduces couperosis and rosacea
    • Tranexamic acid 3%: Anti-pigment
  • Epidermal Growth Factor: Healing and eliminates post-operation marks
  • Arnica Montana 3%: Anti-inflammatory
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Repairing and Hydrating. It calms itching and accelerates healing
  • Plant bioactives:
    • Boswellia serrata: Anti-inflammatory (painkiller, anti-irritant and calming agent)
    • Horse Chestnut and Bilberry: Vasoprotective, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory
  • FPS: Unique in its category with solar protection

The new packaging, with 50ml makes it a much more long-lasting product for chronic or long-lasting treatments.

Its new texture makes Arnika Gel Cream a treatment product with a higher cosmeticity and great tolerance, suitable for all types of skin.


  • It reduces inflammation
  • It calms irritation: skin with rosacea
  • It reduces bleeding: for trauma that causes haematomas
  • It protects the capillaries: for couperosis problems
  • It repairs damaged skin: after medical treatments (peeling or medical laser)
  • It decreases hemosiderin and melanin stains
  • Solar filter, which protects future pigmentations


Face and body repair gel. Indicated in the prevention and treatment of post-intervention epidermal changes.

It acts as a clarifier in post-laser erythema, post-sclerosis pigmentations and decongestant. It improves the appearance, elasticity and colouring of haematomas in post-cicatricial skin areas.

It reduces and alleviates couperosis and avoids the blotches associated with cosmetic procedures, and it can be included within the normal facial care routine.


Apply as often as necessary. Compatible with any anti-ageing treatment.

How can we combine it with our preferred treatments?


Treatment for oily and/or reactive skins:

Proteoglycan Liposome Ampoules + Arnika Gel Cream spf30

Hydrating, firming and repairing anti-ageing treatment:

Proteum Serum and/or Proteoglycan Ampoules + Arnika Gel Cream spf30

Skin treatment with Hyperpigmentations:

Serum Iluminador DSP + Photo Age Proteoglycan Ampoule + Arnika Gel Cream spf30

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