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Live the city to the full... without your skin noticing

We present a new product set to revolutionise the concept of skin care. A repairing and protective treatment that covers all your skin needs in the age of technology.

Want to know what it's about?

But let's start at the beginning... In the case of atmospheric aggression, we are well aware of the damage caused by smoking and the danger of gases from factories, exhaust pipes and different means of transport.

In fact, 90% of visible aging is caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution. But do you know how many types of pollution there are?

In addition to UV radiation and pollution as we know it, there are other types of aggression that damage our skin. It is very important to know them. Only then we will know how to protect ourselves from them. There is, for example, 'domestic aggression', i.e., central heating or cold air from air conditioners, building materials or cleaning products.

A new external factor is also starting to be considered with regards skin damage: HEV radiation, known as Blue Light.

This is the light emitted by multiple electronic devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs…

Aware of this new and dangerous adversary for our skin, Laboratorio MartiDerm offers a revolutionary cosmetic concept to help repair the damage and, just as importantly, protect us from all these factors. It is a double treatment. Our new Urban Serum: Urban Force Serum-on Top (day) and Urban Restore Serum (night).


An anti-pollution moisturiser fluid that maximises the skin’s barrier function during the day.

It also reduces the interaction of pollutant particles and protects against UV rays (SPF 20) and HEV light (Blue Light), acting against Digital Aging.

It creates a protective shield thanks to its ingredients:

  • BioShield: non-occlusive protective screen that prevents polluting particles from interacting with the skin.
  • Passion fruit polyphenols: stimulate the skin's natural antioxidant defence system.
  • Spectrum Complex: combines cocoa extract to combat Blue Light with encapsulated sunscreens for greater skin tolerance against UVA/UVB radiation.
  • Hyaluronic acid: for intensive moisturising.


A night moisturising fluid with a detox action.

It promotes 'cell self-recycling' and, thanks to its components, recovers and purifies the skin following stress and daily aggressions.

It achieves a more rested and revitalised skin.

Its ingredients:

  • Olive and jujube extract: with detox properties, it also promotes 'cell self-recycling' by activating proteasomes.
  • Repair Complex: cell repair and protection against damage caused by external aggressions.
  • Allantoin: its calming effect promotes skin regeneration.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: intensive moisturising.

In short...

The quickly absorbed lightweight textures make both Urban Force Serum-on Top and Urban Restore Serum ideal for all skin types.

Clinical studies confirm their efficacy and ensure a non-comedogenic effect.

The protocol for use for the day treatment consists of applying Urban Force Serum-on Top as the last step in the skin beauty routine to guarantee its protection. Applying Urban Restore Serum as an intermediate step between an ampoule and a cream is recommended. Or as a single product for a more basic routine.

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