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Pro-Reg 8 and Pro-Reg 15: this season’s creams

Did you know that, as with fruit and vegetables, sometimes of the year are better for using dermocosmetic products in different treatments?

Our skin changes its needs depending on the time of the year. It's like the way you can go through different moods in the same month caused by hormonal changes, stress or lack of sleep.

And we should use the time right now, when solar incidence falls and we spend less time exposed to the sun, to perform intensive regenerative treatments that will help correct different skin problems: wrinkles, dark spots, dilated pores and blemishes.

Our treatment products include two night creams especially suitable for these types of beauty routines: Pro-Reg 8 and Pro-Reg 15.

What are they made from?

They are two creams with a common composition:

  • AHA: the difference between the two versions is based on the different concentrations of alpha-hydroxy acids they contain. Pro-Reg 8 has 8% AHA, with glycolic acid always being the acid that appears in the highest proportion. Pro-Reg 15, meanwhile, has a total concentration of 15% AHA.

This acid concentrate will help regenerate and renew the skin for a smoother, brighter look, with fewer blemishes and dark spots. This is in addition to boosting the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, making skin firmer and suppler.

The selected acids also include glycolic, lactic, mandelic, tartaric and citric.

  • Probiotics: improve the skin’s natural barrier for greater natural protection against external aggression.
  • Oxygenated glycerol triester: anti-inflammatory and soothing to prevent irritation.

Why is it important to choose the right time to perform the treatments?

As they are products that renew the skin and so help remove the outermost layers of dead cells, it is important to perform the treatments at times when there is less solar incidence to prevent the skin from becoming sensitive to sun exposure.

They can be used on a regular basis. The creams can be applied every night before your regular cosmetic treatment or every second night during the week if you have sensitive skin.

Choosing between Pro-Reg 8 or Pro-Reg 15 will depend on whether you have used similar products before with no problem of irritation.  If you have never used a product of this type or if your skin irritates easily, start with Pro-Reg 8.

If, on the other hand, your skin tolerates products with a peeling effect, you can boost the concentration and the effect with Pro-Reg 15.

As always, they are very simple to use

After cleansing, apply Pro-Reg 8 or 15 to the eye contour area until fully absorbed. You can then move on to the other products you use in your regular night beauty routine.

This is especially exciting because when we use products with a peeling effect like Pro-Reg 8 or 15, we aid and improve the penetration of any secondary product we apply next. Regardless of whether the second step involves an ampoule, serum or a second cream.

For best results, keep the treatment up for at least 3 months and include it in your beauty routine every winter. In any case, at MartiDerm we always recommend you consult your trusted specialist or at your usual pharmacy about the time to follow the treatment for. What we can say for sure is that you will need to use sunscreen every morning.

Are you keen to enjoy brighter, blemish-free skin?

Maybe you think it’s too much hard work. But believe us - once you’ve got into the habit, it becomes a pleasure. And most of all: the results are usually astonishing.

Discover new skin. Enjoy it. Pamper it. And above all, practice #SmartAging.

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