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Proteos Screen SPF 50+: The sunscreen that lets you forget about the sun

MartiDerm presents its new launch.  A product we suspect has a legion of fans who don’t know they are yet. The reason? One? There are three!

-1-Treats the skin

-2- Protects the skin

-3- Is perfect for playing sports outdoors

In other words, you can go for a run and moisturise, firm and protect your skin at the same time thanks to our new liquid treatment PROTEOS SCREEN SPF 50+. And the best part? You won’t even notice you have it on. In fact, the dry feel makes it perfect for all ages.

Proteos Screen SPF 50+ is a liquid face cream with easily absorbed SPF 50+ protection that prevents and helps repair the signs of premature skin aging. The cream-to-powder texture has a silky, invisible skin feel. It also provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA/ UVB, IR and HEV (blue light) rays. The combination of proteoglycans, Spectrum Complex and the hyaluronic acid and silicon complex helps keep skin looking young, fresh and evenly toned.

SPECTRUM COMPLEX is the perfect shield for:

  • Protection against UVB/UVA rays thanks to the encapsulated sunscreens: UVA/UVB are the rays that cause sunburn and erythema, along with premature skin photoaging.
  • Protection against IR rays thanks to the encapsulated pro-retinol: these are the rays people know least about. They are responsible for the loss of firmness and elasticity.
  • Protection against HEV rays due to the cocoa extract: these are the rays that generate free radicals and cause loss of firmness. They increase cases of dark spots and outbreaks of acne.

And when should you use it? Every day! After cleansing, apply your eye contour product and a MartiDerm ampoule. In other words, whatever your daily beauty routine, use it at the end.

Now do you get why we predict its success? Ease of use, treatment and protection. A must we will soon all keep with us in our bag... or pocket!

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