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What is Couperosis? Here's how to treat it with MartiDerm ampoules

It is very likely that you've never heard of couperosis, although it is a relatively common affliction that can happen to anyone. In fact, many people commonly confuse it with rosacea.

Even if couperosis is normally a minor problem that doesn't cause too many complications, it can lead to serious problems if not properly treated. Furthermore, couperosis causes red spots on the face that can become quite uncomfortable and bothersome. In this post, we will discuss what it is and how it can be treated.

What is couperosis?

Couperosis is a skin condition related to problems of microcirculation.It mostly affects blood vessels in the skin of the face. The result is the formation of small varicose veins on different parts of the face.

Couperosis can occur on all types of skin. Risk factors include emotional stress, alcohol, coffee, spicy food, tobacco, digestive conditions, excessive exposure to solar radiation or the continual use of topical corticosteroids.

This occurs due to the fact that there are multiple connections between the skin and the nervous system. In fact, we have already discussed these connections in one of our previous posts. On the other hand, it is important to point out that Couperosis is not considered a skin disease.

Main characteristics

This visible skin condition is more prevalent in women, especially those with sensitive, white (photos I and II), or delicate skin, with a tendency to redden easily. The biggest sign of Couperosis is the presence of small varicose veins, that mainly appear around the cheekbones and the sides of the nose, in the form of purple or reddish lines. These veins may also be accompanied by:

  • Red spots on the face (may become permanent).
  • Stiff skin (this is usually a precipitating factor).
  • Papulo-pustules (acne rosacea).

How can Couperosis be treated?

Now that we've explained what it is, we can talk about how MartiDerm can help. Many of our products are designed to improve problems with circulation, as well as improving the suppleness of the skin and protection against damaging your microcapillaries. The following three products have proved themselves to be useful for fighting against these symptoms:


This product is a topical cream used for treating this type of affliction. The Arnika Gel-Creme, which includes protection from the sun of 30 SPF, is designed to be used daily (click here to read the article).

It has a potent ability to repair and hydrate the skin, soothe itching, and accelerate scarification. In addition, its ability to protect blood vessels as well as being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory makes it a unique product.

In addition to our cream, we can complement the treatment with proteoglycans specially designed for sensitive skin.


As we have mentioned before, they hydrate and keep skin supple and firm, are apt for sensitive skin, and are able to soothe even the most volatile skin. The skin treatment is very simple:

  1. Cleanning
  2. ½ a ampoule of liposomes on the face, neck, and neckline.
  3. Arnika Gel Creme.

We can achieve a complete, effective treatment in order to hydrate and firm up skin with antioxidants, in addition to improving microcirculation in the face, better protection of capillaries, and strong protection from the sun.


We also feature a complementary treatment from our LegVass line: the oral capsules. They are 100% natural, made from horse chestnut, Vitis vinifera, Hydrocotyle asiatica, ruscus, rutin, and vitamin C. They help prevent swelling and oedema, are vasoconstrictive and venotonic, as well as protect the blood vessel wall and help foster proper circulation with a draining effect.

They are perfect for continuous treatment, don't interact negatively with other treatments, and don't contain lactose or gluten. Their use is simple: take one capsule daily.

Well, we've told you all about Couperosis and three MartiDerm products that you can use to help relieve symptoms. Don't forget that the best strategy is good prevention.

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