12-03-2018 | Dermatologist | Pigment Zero

DSP Bright – New DSP ampoules

Have you thought how good it would be to combine the efficacy of our vitamin C ampoules with active ingredients to prevent and treat skin blemishes?

MartiDerm has released a revolutionary product: new DSP Bright ampoules.

They're perfect for treating skin hyperpigmentation, preventing the appearance of dark spots and helping well-cared-for, healthy skin glow with its own light.

Our DSP Bright ampoule joins the Pigment Zero product family, making our DSP range the most comprehensive on the market.

The ingredients are suitable for all skin types thanks to their natural origin and mainly comprise a complex called DSP-TX.

This unique concentrate includes active ingredients such as phytic acid, with its antioxidant, depigmenting and preventive action, and tranexamic acid, also capable of treating dark face spots of a vascular origin and preventing their appearance.

The main characteristic is the presence of pure vitamin C. With its well-known antioxidant power, vitamin C plays an important role in lightening dark spots and preventing their appearance.

As with all the proteoglycan ampoules we work with at MartiDerm, DSP Bright is recommended for use day and night, applying half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline.

It is 100% compatible with the Proteoglycan ampoules treatment and can be applied before your regular proteoglycan product.

Fast-absorbing, the ampoules are fully compatible with your daily cosmetic treatment.

If you want to use them together with the Night Renew ampoules, you will have to change the order. First apply Night Renew with its alpha hydroxy acid compound followed by DSP Bright.

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