11-07-2017 | Dermatologist | Corporate , CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Growing old together

This October kicked off with the International Day of Older Persons, celebrated on 1 October. The slogan this year was “take a stand against ageism”, fighting against the prejudices and stereotypes about ageing that can be the cause of rejection. The celebration is a fantastic opportunity to show them our support.

The dictionary says that the adjective “old” applies to people who have lived for a long time. “Old” is by no means the definition of a person who has physically or mentally deteriorated over the years they have lived, to be marginalised in a society of young people. We want to turn stereotypes about ageing on their head: instead of counting the years, we should count what we really gain as we age – life, energy, work, care and affection for the things and the people we love and care about. Our lives are the next chapter in the adventure of those who came before us. We are the legacy of our elders, and what better way to receive a legacy than with gratitude, together with willingness to look after it?

MartiDerm, working with lines of anti-ageing products, is sensitive to the situation of older people. For 6 years, the company’s social initiatives have been directed towards care for older people. What do we do?

  • We attend to their needs. People with modest pensions do not have the resources to be able to properly look after their skin; we provide products and teach them to use them.
  • We also take care of our elders by helping remind people of the dignity of the ageing process. In this sense, ageing is inevitable. That’s why at MartiDerm, we like to advocate for healthy ageing with a positive attitude. We should enjoy our golden years by enjoying our families, our friends and ourselves. Above all, while we are younger we should have a quality of life that lets us keep our energy and high spirits as the years go by. Prevention and care are key.

Finally, we’d like you to know how we end the skincare workshops we offer older people, with the message: look after yourselves, you’re our future!!

Adela Suñer - Manager of 'Obra Social MartiDerm'

DermatologistExpert in skin care



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