04-06-2020 | Dermatologist | CSR

At MartiDerm we are offsetting our carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a key value at MartiDerm and we have been working to bring down our carbon footprint for the past four years.

We took the first step in 2017, adapting our new plant with breakthrough aerothermal and geothermal systems and installing solar panels on the roof. We managed to achieve 50% renewable energy in this first phase.

The second milestone came in 2019 when we swapped conventional electricity for renewable sources, allowing us to manufacture and work in a “zero emissions” plant.

Now, starting 2020, we are stepping up to a new commitment: to offset our vehicle fleet emissions, making us a “Zero Emissions Company”.

The plan for 2020 is to cut fleet emissions by 42%, largely due to the effect of the health crisis. This reduction has, however, given us the chance to analyse the environmental impact of teleworking and make further headway in sustainability measures.

MartiDerm is proud to announce this progress in sustainability. And when better to do so than on World Environment Day!


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