20-05-2020 | Dermatologist | CSR

It's a good time to say thanks.

In this serious crisis, when caring for people is essential, we have tried to respond by caring for the team, the people on the front line and our customers and followers. We invite you to listen to how our CEO puts it.

MartiDerm has responded, and its response is the outcome of the work of a united team. It’s a good time to thank them all for their time and dedication: we have responded to the emergency. And we will remain together in times of survival!

These are the results of our initiatives that have seen us help some 22,000 people with over 78,000 items and single dose products:

  • Prevention kits (hand cream + gel + Legvass patches) for Red Cross volunteers across the 17 Spanish regions: 7,500 units
  • Hand cream for pharmacies and parapharmacies:  14,860 units
  • Support kits for hospitals. 32 hospitals in Spain, 15 in Portugal: 51,182 units
  • Care kits for convalescent and care homes: 5,080 units

We have been able to care for the carers, forming part of the solidarity chain of people who respond by example. Our deepest thanks to them all: the health workers, care home helpers, essential service providers...it has been a source of great satisfaction to be able to support you in your work.

Our Code of Ethics says we have a care vocation that goes further than skincare. We hope to keep our solidarity and social responsibility up to the standards the times call for.


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