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MartiDerm and Corporate Social Responsibility

MartiDerm's commitment to corporate social responsibility began more than 12 years ago when we recruited people with a disability for production tasks and the start-up of the MartiDerm Hands for Help social project.

A further step in shoring up this commitment has been to form part of Respon.cat, a reference organisation in fostering corporate social responsibility. We have taken part in the RSEpime programme, forming part of a group of 20 businesses and organisations which aim to bring together good practices and draft a customised CSR programme for each company. It is a great opportunity to have a CSR programme to bring together the company's values and the needs that society demonstrates, committing to ethical, sustainable management.

The programme aims to move forward in the three concepts which define CSR for us: MartiDerm as a healthy, sustainable and solidarity company.

  • Healthy: Our commitment to developing and living the Smart Aging philosophy in-house has seen us implement actions to encourage healthy eating, exercise and personal well-being.
  • Sustainable: The new facility, head office and production plant are run 50% on energy from renewable sources sited on the premises.
  • Solidarity: For the sixth year in a row, MartiDerm’s charitable work helps, among others, the elderly attended by the Red Cross throughout Spain.

We are pleased to announce that our CSR programme was approved on 12 February. Let’s get started!

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